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  2. I remember some discussion over why the fact Mark was leaving would mean Eva would lose her job and we did not come to any conclusion as to why. It wasn't as if Mark's role was redundant, he had been approached by another company so his role still existed so one would have expected him to be replaced and Eva work for his replacement.
  3. Eva also said she wanted to go back to school so that she could be a better sounding board for Gideon; so she wasn't becoming his"lapdog ". Never could understand how she could lose her job when Mark left? Couldn't she be an assistant to someone else?
  4. Re Eva I think we have to wait to find out what she became. The indication seemed to me to be she would be taking on the charitable side of Gideon's world and I would image we will find out when the books about Ireland are written. She knew that Mark was moving to work for Gideon and for whatever reason her job would no longer exist when he left so her quitting wasn't a total surprise.
  5. I agree. The same thing happened to Eva tramell. She started out as a strong and independent young woman but became Gideon's lapdog as as the story progressed. She quit her Job and became a New York socialite who is married to a billionaire.
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  7. I really enjoyed this story. At first I didn't know that it was about vampires and although they keep secrets about their lives from each other, when they finally realize who the other is and where they are coming from it doesn't matter to them which makes the story between Derek and Sable awesome. Derek also seems more emotional than most of Sylvia's other male character's. I'm not sure what it is, but when he tells her how much she means to him, he seems to do it in a different way then the other guy's I've read in her books. You could tell he really cared for her and just wanted her to do the same for him. Which he eventually finds out she does.
  8. I know that Sylvia says she enjoys writing about strong women and you can tell that in the stories she writes, but I honestly think Gianna is the most weakest out of them all. She might tell Jax how she feels about things but still he just's walks out on her, put's her job on the line, stabs her in the back by helping her boss' competition (and ex) take away an opportunity both Gianna and her boss worked hard for, then acts like it's nothing. But still Gianna keeps coming back to him because the sex is good. I tried to understand Jax but I kept wondering why she was giving in so easily when he was doing nothing but causing her one problem after the other. Still, I think the movie will be awesome and I am glad to know that one of Sylvia's books is being made into a movie.
  9. Magic Fingers was the first short story by Sylvia Day that I had ever read but unlike her other short stories where I felt like there should have been more about the character's I think it's fine the way it is. She gives us a little insight about Alison and although we don't know much about James he is a character that is obviously likable and is willing to put his job on the line for a girl before she get's away before finally making permanent sacrifices to be with her.
  10. I don't know if anyone here has ever read this one, but it's basically a review for another book and like with The Story of O Sylvia was able to be detailed about the story and character's without giving away any spoilers. Just from her take on it alone it seemed like a interesting book to read. Has anyone else read Learning to Fly?
  11. Another great short story by Sylvia Day and another one that I would have liked to have been longer. The story of Robin and Paul was done really well but there were certain things about the character's (especially Paul) that left us guessing. Along with Iron Hard this story is one of my favorite shorter ones that Sylvia has written. Salacious Robinson was an even shorter story at the end of What Happened in Vegas which was another one that left you wondering about the characters. The good thing about these short stories is that you can take what you've learned from the character's in a few pages and then create the rest of their lives with your imagination.
  12. I wished Iron Hard would have been made into a full length story rather than just a short one. I wasn't sure how to take it at first because it was historical but yet the inventions that Annabelle had made and came across almost seemed like modern day. Then there was Baron. When I read the description about him I wondered how he could still be alive after having all the things done to him when he was in the war. Everything from missing arm to missing eye and scars all over him including the one across his face. I really would have enjoyed knowing where their relationship went to and I felt the story was cut off too early. But what I did read I enjoyed very much.
  13. I have to admit, I haven't actually read The Story of O but I did read Sylvia's introduction to the story and she did good about not spoiling anything while still giving very good detail about what the character went through. When I finished reading her introduction I didn't have to read the book to figure out what all happens because she did so well with explaining her take on it without giving too much away.
  14. I'm not sure who all here has read this book but 50 Writer's on Fifty Shades of Grey is exactly what it's title is and I really enjoyed Sylvia Day's take on it. For those of you who hadn't read what she wrote about it, she talked about how she met someone who said to her "Oh you write THOSE books" and how Sylvia was a little offended over it and wondered if the woman knew that no one brown paper bag's their "naughty" books anymore. She talked a lot about how it use to be hard to get your erotic romance stories out there and how difficult it was for fans to find them. Not to mention that the cover's of the books left little to the imagination and the titles of them were blunt with what the book were about. But thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey all that was changed. She said that the books are still being brown paper bagged just in a different way. With ribbons, high heels, scarfs etc. on the cover but people still know what's going on when they come across a book like that. It made me realize how much things must have changed for books like that after Fifty Shades came out.
  15. Has anyone else read this story? When I came across the cover I thought "I have to read this one soon" and when I did I really enjoyed it. I'm not too into Christmas themed things like TV shows movies, and books but I liked this one a lot and I wasn't expecting the ending at all SPOILER: (When we find out she had a son). Did anyone else enjoy it?
  16. Thanks so much for giving me so much needed info about the upcoming Jax/Gia movie. looking forward for more info about viewing this movie . hope they will cast people that will do the characters justice . A fan always
  17. Hi! It was important to me that my readers could watch just Afterburn/Aftershock without committing to anything else they didn't want and Passionflix assured me that it would be available widely for anyone who wanted to purchase just Jax & Gia's movie. I haven't fully grasped all the logistics, but Passionflix has licensed streaming rights for their catalog of major studio romance movies only for specific territories. I can't remember if they said US only or North America only. For those who don't want to subscribe or unable to subscribe due to territory restrictions, Passionflix's original programming would be available to watch just by purchasing that one program (movie, series, etc.). So, if I understand it correctly, you'll be able to purchase just Afterburn/Aftershock via the Passionflix service without subscribing to a monthly commitment. You'll also be able to purchase the movie via the iTunes store or on Amazon and possibly other streaming services we didn't discuss. Eventually, DVD's will be available, too. Once purchase links become available, I'll be sure to list all the ways you can get the movie on the website. In the meantime, casting calls go out this week. I'll have our Jax & Gia to show you soon! Sylvia
  18. Hope it does come out in DVD. I don't have Apple TV or Amazon video and I would hate to have to subscribe to passionflix for more than a month. Keep me posted please
  19. A facebook user asked if the UK would be able to see the films, she believes so but is checking, also thinks they may go out on DVD. The movie may also be available via Apple TV and Amazon video - she will update via FAQ on her web site so I'll keep an eye on that.
  20. They've also signed K Bromberg's Driven series - just hoping there will be a way to see these in the UK at some point as there must be quite a lot of readers here who would love to see their favourite books as movies.
  21. I saw Sylvia's post about Afterburn/Aftershock coming out in November. Passionflix is a streaming company that you can get for $5.99 a month. Hope she puts detailed instructions on how to sign up, I can afford a month.
  22. Looks like the movie is due in November, so far the site is US only though.
  23. The Hollywood Dirt movie began filming today - link to the author's site for details (admin hope it's okay to post this here, I realise it doesn't relate to Sylvia, but gives information on what Passionflix are doing and our hopes that Afterburn/Aftershock will be filmed and how we will get to see them)
  24. Then it doesn't look promising for me to see this "movie"😞 Not on Netflix or anything streaming app
  25. I think it's a 'netflix' type of company, possibly streaming through an app? Just had a look at their Facebook page and they've signed PR people up. Johann Urb has signed to play Cole in Hollywood Dirt.
  26. Is this company a real movie production company? Website talks about streaming on phone laptops i personally haven't heard of this company but that doesn't mean anything. Popping out movies monthly is rather difficult. Thought it took at least a year or more. Wonder if they have casted any parts yet, seeing that it's being released next year.
  27. One of the Lauren Landish/Willow Winters books - I read a few of them one after the other and realised one I had already read. I think most books I've read have had an HEA - Carnage springs to mind as being one that didn't and was one that definitely made me ugly cry.
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