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  1. I have been looking at the photos that Sylvia has been posting on her website....they need to give Tyler Johnson a better haircut. When it has that "messed" up look it makes him look like a goofy dork. Caitlin Leahy looks like a pretty good Gia. Looking forward to watching the movie, will keep an open mind and give the actors the benefit of the doubt. keep posting Sylvia
  2. Eva also said she wanted to go back to school so that she could be a better sounding board for Gideon; so she wasn't becoming his"lapdog ". Never could understand how she could lose her job when Mark left? Couldn't she be an assistant to someone else?
  3. Thanks so much for giving me so much needed info about the upcoming Jax/Gia movie. looking forward for more info about viewing this movie . hope they will cast people that will do the characters justice . A fan always
  4. Hope it does come out in DVD. I don't have Apple TV or Amazon video and I would hate to have to subscribe to passionflix for more than a month. Keep me posted please
  5. I saw Sylvia's post about Afterburn/Aftershock coming out in November. Passionflix is a streaming company that you can get for $5.99 a month. Hope she puts detailed instructions on how to sign up, I can afford a month.
  6. Then it doesn't look promising for me to see this "movie"😞 Not on Netflix or anything streaming app
  7. Is this company a real movie production company? Website talks about streaming on phone laptops i personally haven't heard of this company but that doesn't mean anything. Popping out movies monthly is rather difficult. Thought it took at least a year or more. Wonder if they have casted any parts yet, seeing that it's being released next year.
  8. Glad you enjoyed them. I'm having no problem signing in. Getting ready to go on holiday, that's when I plan on re-reading The Crossfire series
  9. Haven't made up my mind if I am going to buy this book (kindle version) or the series....depends on the price. Tired of buying it for $9.99 and then later on it is offered for half the price. Other publishers/authors do the same thing, sometimes it is "free" in the kindle version for a short time after the release date; but with no release date mentioned I don't have anything to worry about.
  10. hey how have you been? I have been fine. Not much activity on this website anymore. Haven't been signing on very much, but when I do no problem. As for her books being linked, not really, just the ones marked "series" and then the character mentioned in the book is featured in the next book in the series. Her stand alones are just that stand alone. Hope you decide to read Afterburn/Aftershock think you will enjoy. BTW you can get the books together, the one in white with the gold shoes entitled Afterburn/Aftershock
  11. You will enjoy this series. No Gideon or Eva but Deanna is a character. Rumor has it that Afterburn/aftershock is being adapted into a movie for 2018 yes it does have a HEA
  12. i wouldn't get my hopes up about this.....remember the negotiations fell through with Lions Gate and the plans with the Crossfire series.
  13. I am confused too. In OWY when Gideon was in Brazil and Ava was in Ibiza, when she went to join him how did she, her Mom and Cary have visas already and not the girls that went with them?
  14. broke down and got the The Marked Series bundle. Just finished Eve of Chaos. The ending was very up in the air!!. Who was the "dark" stranger and was there a ring in the glass.? Hope the Eve of Sin City has some answers and I guess I have to get Eve of Warfare if I am going to get some answers. I did enjoy reading them even though at times they were really confusing. Maybe we can discuss these books since we don't have the Crossfire series anymore. Cheers
  15. also I read in her website that if you bought the kindle version thru Penguin that you would later receive the song. Don't know how that works, but she did say more info to come. I'll wait and see