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  1. There's a You Tube video trailer for the Hollywood Dirt movie which is the first output from Passionflix which will give a flavour of how the films will look. If you've read the book the trailer will make sense.
  2. I only know what the author herself has written on her web site: Lionsgate optioned the rights to the Crossfire saga in 2013 and renewed the option twice. After three years of development, Sylvia declined to option again and she presently retains the adaptation rights. She eventually expects to find the right partner, but for now, the Crossfire series is no longer in development. I know things in the film and music industry can move slowly but three years just 'developing' without casting and filming of a story that exists seems a long time. As to similarities between the two stories well of course there are, as there are with a lot of the books of this genre. It can't have been easy to finish the last two books after the full publication of the Fifty Shades books, with the past comments about similarities, and ensuring any idea Sylvia had that ran along the lines of what happened in Fifty were not put into the Crossfire books. I do not like the idea of bdsm (and Christian turning out to be a sadist) so was pleased that despite some early hints that Gideon might have such inclinations, the books didn't turn him into someone who got off on physically punishing the person he loved. Could you see Eva kneeling in submission!!!
  3. Jax will be played by Tyler Johnson http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1459008/ Gia by Caitlin Leahy http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4255296/ From the many comments on Facebook some are happy with the actress but not one seems to like the actor. Personally feel they can't be judged until we actually see them in the role rather than just posing for a photograph. If ever Crossfire gets to be filmed I dread the comments that will be made about whoever is chosen to play Gideon, doubt any of us will be happy (no point wishing for Henry Cavill or David Gandy as they are now too old to play the part).
  4. If I have interpreted one of Sylvia's latest tweets correctly the casting will be announced on Tuesday.
  5. I guess updates will be on the website, Twitter and Facebook once known. Website link http://www.sylviaday.com/homenews/while-we-wait-for-casting/ (Sylvia did confirm she's pretty much finished writing So Close so fingers crossed we get news of that soon).
  6. I remember some discussion over why the fact Mark was leaving would mean Eva would lose her job and we did not come to any conclusion as to why. It wasn't as if Mark's role was redundant, he had been approached by another company so his role still existed so one would have expected him to be replaced and Eva work for his replacement.
  7. Re Eva I think we have to wait to find out what she became. The indication seemed to me to be she would be taking on the charitable side of Gideon's world and I would image we will find out when the books about Ireland are written. She knew that Mark was moving to work for Gideon and for whatever reason her job would no longer exist when he left so her quitting wasn't a total surprise.
  8. A facebook user asked if the UK would be able to see the films, she believes so but is checking, also thinks they may go out on DVD. The movie may also be available via Apple TV and Amazon video - she will update via FAQ on her web site so I'll keep an eye on that.
  9. They've also signed K Bromberg's Driven series - just hoping there will be a way to see these in the UK at some point as there must be quite a lot of readers here who would love to see their favourite books as movies.
  10. Looks like the movie is due in November, so far the site is US only though.
  11. The Hollywood Dirt movie began filming today - link to the author's site for details (admin hope it's okay to post this here, I realise it doesn't relate to Sylvia, but gives information on what Passionflix are doing and our hopes that Afterburn/Aftershock will be filmed and how we will get to see them) http://www.alessandratorre.com/hollywood-dirt-the-movie/
  12. I think it's a 'netflix' type of company, possibly streaming through an app? Just had a look at their Facebook page and they've signed PR people up. Johann Urb has signed to play Cole in Hollywood Dirt. https://www.facebook.com/passionflix/
  13. One of the Lauren Landish/Willow Winters books - I read a few of them one after the other and realised one I had already read. I think most books I've read have had an HEA - Carnage springs to mind as being one that didn't and was one that definitely made me ugly cry.
  14. We've been chatting a little about this in the Afterburn Snippets thread. I believe the author was hoping it would be released next year. The company are currently working on Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre which should be out in September, then a Julie Kenner in October, with the final movie for this year being December. The coming soon then has Afterburn/Aftershock first in the list. https://www.passionflix.com/
  15. She's in the UK at the moment for some book events, but nothing to promote at the moment as she's still writing So Close.