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  1. So Close

    I listened in to the Facebook session yesterday (its recorded and available to view on Sylvia's Facebook page). Confirmed that she is still writing the book so we still have to be patient, difficult I suspect as now we know the Crossfire characters will be in the next four books which makes us eager to read them (she mentioned Gideon and Eva featuring heavily in Ireland's story which makes me wonder if she has begun writing that as well . . . . )
  2. True, whoever is picked isn't going to suit all the readers and a lot of what is in the books could not be shown on screen anyway!! Pleased the site is back as well, although there's not a lot going on at the moment - I believe So Close is still being written so it could be a while before we get to read it (tempted to wait for both books to be written but hope there won't be too long a gap between release dates).
  3. Here in the UK Henry Cavill was on a chat show last night (with Tom Cruise as they are publicising the Mission Impossible film they are working on at the moment). Henry has a moustache and (I think) a slightly different haircut for his role and for the first time looking at him I could see Gideon, although I still think from the book descriptions that Gideon's body (shoulder/chest area) is leaner than Henry's. Still need to see him with long hair though to properly envisage him in the role.
  4. Afterburn / Aftershock Movie

    I've not signed up to Passionflix, I may do for a month when there are more of the original films available to watch, but I prefer to buy films to keep rather than stream so if it appears on DVD or as a purchasable download from iTunes I will be happy.
  5. Someone on her Facebook page has already seen it, and in another post this timetable was added ? 12 AM HST Honolulu, Hawaii ‬‪? 3 AM PT Los Angeles, California ‬‪? 6 AM ET New York, New York‬‪? 8 PM Sydney, Australia
  6. I assumed that because they now found sex to be spectacular rather than what it had been for both of them in the past, they were making the most of catching up on what they missed out on. But I would have expected abuse victims to not rush into it quite so fast.
  7. It all depends on the person who is being spoken to as to whether they consider it harassment. I've not re-read those chapters so if I'm wrong let me know. Although Eva was saying no she was still interested in him and he would have realised that - in that first meeting they both had an obvious 'spark' and when Eva told Cary about Gideon she was definitely interested in getting to know him a lot better. So I guess Gideon was reacting to that when he approached her. I'm in the UK and we don't tend to go for lawsuits, Personnel/Human Resources would usually sort the problem for us.
  8. Simplest thing is to download a product called ccleaner which will remove cookies etc (but you can tell it which cookies you want it to keep) and will also clean up your computer . https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download Just download the free version. Once the program is on your computer close your internet browser, run the program and click the analyse button which will show you a list of what it can remove. That will include temp files, some temp system files etc. Don't actually click the run button but look at what it is offering to clean up and double check if you want all that removed. Untick anything you don't want removing - there's one tab for systems on the computer and another tab for your programs and if you use Office (Word, Excel) and don't want to lose the list of the last few files you had open untick those. The beauty of this program is you can pick and choose what it removes which I find better than using the internet explorer/edge settings. I run this quite frequently but I don't use it to clear cookies unless I need to so clear them the first time you run the program (you will probably then have to sign in to most forums, websites again) but next time you run the program just untick cookies and history so they remain. Once you are happy with what it is going to remove click the 'run cleaner' button and it gets rid of all the rubbish you don't need.
  9. So Close

    We get to see the Crossfire characters in the Blacklist books, and then again in those to be written about Ireland. I think I read a response from the author saying the book was ready for editing (not 100% sure though). We do wait a long time for the books (and I presume the 3 remaining of those mentioned are still to be written) and I am impatient to read them all but would rather wait for them to be ready in due course rather than rushed. I find there's no point comparing the rapidity of one author's output to another as they all work at different rates - some are extremely prolific but with varying levels of how good the content is. It is understandable that people want to know more about Gideon and Eva - we left them on a happy note which was great and I like the fact Sylvia didn't follow the norm of other writers to add an epilogue about the future - now we know we will hear more about them in future books this may satisfy the multitude of readers who complained about not getting that info (and about Cary etc.) (That is, of course, the readers who didn't stamp their feet and throw a 'paddy' saying they'd never buy this author's books again which to me seems a little childish but each to their own). I believe the Afterburn Aftershock movie will also be available to download from iTunes. Being in the UK I couldn't subscribe to Passionflix although in comments on Facebook I've seen that Australia gets the service soon so maybe the UK will, but I shall probably just pick the movies of the books I have really liked and download from iTunes. I think the first movie from Passionflix, Hollywood Dirt, is available from mid to late September.
  10. Hi - just checked what I wrote to admin when this happened and my issue was resolved the next time I logged in, it was when the forum was being changed to the new style so that that may have been preventing me logging in. Try clearing cookies and browser history. If that still doesn't work try a different browser - I'm using both Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge (with Windows 10) and not had problems since I wrote that message.
  11. Being in the UK I can't subscribe but hope it goes on iTunes. I get your bit about the hair (in my mind I don't see Gideon with long hair either, just doesn't seem right although I did see a guy a while back on London's Regent Street who looked very good with mid-brown long hair who was pretty gorgeous and he did look business-like although dressed smart casual). I liked the short bit we saw of the brothers without their shirts . . . . . . . .
  12. Video taster now up on the Passionflix Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/passionflix/?hc_ref=ARShJxcvHIlR_THfudkfWSpuLi_7TLfL5HhPzsc135mptVsVpq2GZZMvUt3iushClQU&fref=nf
  13. There's a You Tube video trailer for the Hollywood Dirt movie which is the first output from Passionflix which will give a flavour of how the films will look. If you've read the book the trailer will make sense.
  14. I only know what the author herself has written on her web site: Lionsgate optioned the rights to the Crossfire saga in 2013 and renewed the option twice. After three years of development, Sylvia declined to option again and she presently retains the adaptation rights. She eventually expects to find the right partner, but for now, the Crossfire series is no longer in development. I know things in the film and music industry can move slowly but three years just 'developing' without casting and filming of a story that exists seems a long time. As to similarities between the two stories well of course there are, as there are with a lot of the books of this genre. It can't have been easy to finish the last two books after the full publication of the Fifty Shades books, with the past comments about similarities, and ensuring any idea Sylvia had that ran along the lines of what happened in Fifty were not put into the Crossfire books. I do not like the idea of bdsm (and Christian turning out to be a sadist) so was pleased that despite some early hints that Gideon might have such inclinations, the books didn't turn him into someone who got off on physically punishing the person he loved. Could you see Eva kneeling in submission!!!
  15. Jax will be played by Tyler Johnson http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1459008/ Gia by Caitlin Leahy http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4255296/ From the many comments on Facebook some are happy with the actress but not one seems to like the actor. Personally feel they can't be judged until we actually see them in the role rather than just posing for a photograph. If ever Crossfire gets to be filmed I dread the comments that will be made about whoever is chosen to play Gideon, doubt any of us will be happy (no point wishing for Henry Cavill or David Gandy as they are now too old to play the part).