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  1. I remember some discussion over why the fact Mark was leaving would mean Eva would lose her job and we did not come to any conclusion as to why. It wasn't as if Mark's role was redundant, he had been approached by another company so his role still existed so one would have expected him to be replaced and Eva work for his replacement.
  2. Re Eva I think we have to wait to find out what she became. The indication seemed to me to be she would be taking on the charitable side of Gideon's world and I would image we will find out when the books about Ireland are written. She knew that Mark was moving to work for Gideon and for whatever reason her job would no longer exist when he left so her quitting wasn't a total surprise.
  3. A facebook user asked if the UK would be able to see the films, she believes so but is checking, also thinks they may go out on DVD. The movie may also be available via Apple TV and Amazon video - she will update via FAQ on her web site so I'll keep an eye on that.
  4. They've also signed K Bromberg's Driven series - just hoping there will be a way to see these in the UK at some point as there must be quite a lot of readers here who would love to see their favourite books as movies.
  5. Looks like the movie is due in November, so far the site is US only though.
  6. The Hollywood Dirt movie began filming today - link to the author's site for details (admin hope it's okay to post this here, I realise it doesn't relate to Sylvia, but gives information on what Passionflix are doing and our hopes that Afterburn/Aftershock will be filmed and how we will get to see them) http://www.alessandratorre.com/hollywood-dirt-the-movie/
  7. I think it's a 'netflix' type of company, possibly streaming through an app? Just had a look at their Facebook page and they've signed PR people up. Johann Urb has signed to play Cole in Hollywood Dirt. https://www.facebook.com/passionflix/
  8. One of the Lauren Landish/Willow Winters books - I read a few of them one after the other and realised one I had already read. I think most books I've read have had an HEA - Carnage springs to mind as being one that didn't and was one that definitely made me ugly cry.
  9. We've been chatting a little about this in the Afterburn Snippets thread. I believe the author was hoping it would be released next year. The company are currently working on Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre which should be out in September, then a Julie Kenner in October, with the final movie for this year being December. The coming soon then has Afterburn/Aftershock first in the list. https://www.passionflix.com/
  10. She's in the UK at the moment for some book events, but nothing to promote at the moment as she's still writing So Close.
  11. I use a favourite to reach this page. It does occasionally sign me out, but most sites do that. You are both making me want to re-read the Crossfire series, but I have so much on my tbr list at the moment. I read a book on my iPad the other day and realised towards the end that I'd read it before but couldn't actually remember having done so - yet I can recall quite a lot of the Crossfire books, for some reason they made a big impact on me. (Gideon ......!!!!!)
  12. This is what the author has to say in the FAQ on her web site. When will A Taste of Seduction release? The release of A Taste of Seduction is on hold at this time, as I’m no longer working with Penguin USA and my other publishers want me to focus on the stories and series I am contracted to develop with them. I’ll work on the conclusion to the Renegade Angels series as soon as time and my commitments allow. I’m very sorry to leave readers in suspense. I appreciate your patience and support. This is the most up to date information on this topic as of March 2017. Subscribe to SylviaDay.com News to receive any updates to this information.
  13. Will there ever be a Cross Movie? TV, HBO or otherwise? Comments Sylvia Day I certainly hope so. The biggest hurdle with the Crossfire Series is finding a showrunner--the writer who will oversee the creative development of the series and the pool of writers who will pen the scripts. We've been searching for 4 years now and still haven't found the right person with the right take. But we haven't stopped searching and one day, we'll find the writer who can bring the books to life on the small screen
  14. On Facebook, in a post about the Jax/Gia movie, someone said they were hoping for Crossfire - Sylvia's response: Sylvia Day I know. *fingers crossed* that day is coming sooner rather than later! We must live in hope. Further down answering another point about Jax getting on film before Gideon she says: Don't be disappointed! The more hunky men the merrier. Just because Jax got his way first, doesn't mean Gideon won't grace our screens later on
  15. The only problem I have is that I am not receiving e-mails when someone posts on topics I have subscribed to. And today I could not access the forum using my 'favourite' on my computer but had to come via the web site.