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  1. Thanks D500,  for let us know that! Thank you! I don´t want any spoilers ..  sme
  2.  sme  P.S. How to write an entry here without quoting someone?
  3. Dear old and new members! Hello back .. ;) Well, yes this new design needs some getting used to it! The colors are not well chosen .. but ... this is only my opinion. Regarding any BOOK RELEASE of ONE WITH YOU my guess is it will be a year altogether we have to wait. That means somewhere around September/October/November 2015. The promise .. we will get the next and final book very soon .. I do think was just a consolation ... to keep low any uproar .. ! And there will be IMHO no release in June or so .. because Sylvia normally starts to post preview photo shots of the upcoming chapte
  4.  I am looking also for a deeper explanation. Acts Clancy on his own or is Stanton/Monika somehow involved? Why does a cop from the FED - Clancy´s brother - risk to get in legal matters by manipulating facts in a murder investigations? Clancy says he did it for Eva and in order to have a pressure on Gideon .. ? I am asking also myself when Gideon hadn´t killed Nathan would Clancy have been murdered him to protect Eva?  And how has Gideon ever the change to cope with murdering Gideon ... ?? ... when he has no chance to speak freely about it to  anybode else than Eva .. okay he co
  5. Hi biarpcalb,     This exactly I did express on the other Thread ONE WITH YOU ... ! I have the opinion the greatness of a series will be revealed in the last book. Maybe Sylvia will finished everything in short sentences? I don´t have a clue .. .. in any case .. I am with you! I have now the feeling that the last book could be a disappointment! I really thought that CBY would emcompass weeks, maybe months and not a little more than two weeks! I mean the development of such traumasized people in only less than half a year .. I do find not plausible.  sme
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