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  1. On 9/19/2019 at 12:02 AM, Katie Lyn said:

    So I just finished Butterfly in Frost and I have a question. Do we ever find out how David died? Did I miss that part? I feel like I read through it really fast so maybe I missed it. I did guess the twist! I wanted to mention that because I feel pretty proud of myself. I usually miss these things until they're right in front of me lol. Their first meeting threw me off but it was when she mentioned Asians not having nice and he said "you're half Asian" that I was like wait they never talked about their families. Omg maybe she's the wife he mentioned! This story was so sad and I have to wonder if Sylvia has experienced depression 😔 

    Oh and the last thing I want to say! Cary lost his child!!!??? Omg I was so excited when his name was mentioned but then when the loss of the son was mentioned I was crushed! Poor Cary! Hasn't he been through enough? I wish you'd write his story! I love him

    Anyway that's all. Hopefully someone answers me about David. 

    The question about how did David die was answered by Sylvia on Facebook - as the details of his death were not pivotal to the plot she didn't go into any detail.  


    She has also posted in the last couple of days that some of the things in her books are from personal experience.

    On 9/19/2019 at 12:41 AM, crossfiregirl015 said:

    I was able to download a Kindle copy of the book and I'm not sure if that's the while story. It's like less than 200 pages? Is that right? Would the paper back copy just be the same? 'Coz I'm planning to order the paper back if that's much longer.


    But, I still loved it though! There's a plot twist I didn't see coming! And good to hear from Eva & Gideon as well.

    The paperback is the same and is a smaller sized book than standard.  This is a novella, and a stand alone.

  2. The EC is possibly Eva Cross but I couldn't come up with anything for the RA.  As the profits are to go to Eva's 'philanthropic Crossroads Foundation' possibly refers to something to do with that?  I read some reviews where people objected to ECRA being mentioned so often, ran a search on the e-book and it is mentioned 10 times which I don't think is too excessive when it is what brings Eva and Teagen's relationship into the story.

    The instant attraction did seem odd (although a little similar to Gideon and Eva), and it was obvious from what was written that when Teagen first saw Garrett running that she knew him so I was surprised that wasn't fleshed out, ditto the bit about the sapphire sofa - but on first reading I wouldn't be looking for clues, just reading the story, I have to do a re-read now I know the twist to confirm my initial feelings about the book.  Plus wondering why Teagen was depressed as she seemed okay about that other marriage to the actor and of course no hint about how long ago that must have been (or maybe there is and I will spot that on a re-read?)

    It's a novella but would have been nice if it had been a bit longer, with a little more added to the ending, and that after 7 years Eva is not pregnant (considering how they were going at it  . . . . . !)  But it did set the time placement for the book.  

    Crossfire (certainly the first two books) is a hard act to follow.



  3. Not sure if this will be posted as my last one has remained hidden for some days.

    I've read the book and really liked it, cleverly written - as I was reading I was wondering why certain things were not being explained and had scant details, but all became clear with the twist at the end.  Hopefully we will have a section for this book where we can discuss it.

  4. I've read through some of the questions posed on Facebook and Sylvia's answers:


    First the reason she cannot continue with previously unfinished series is she is legally prohibited from writing full length novels outside of her contracts for Blacklist and Ireland's series.  She can do novellas but states that to wrap up other trilogies needs full length novels.


    The new book focuses on Teagan and Garrett and is a novella.  There are cameos and updates about other characters we love (this was to ensure our expectations stay grounded as Gideon and Eva are not main characters).


    The novella is only available on Kindle so no other e-book publisher will have it.  There will be paperback and audiobook and the pre-order links should appear soon, but we do have until August to pre-order so not a problem the links aren't yet available.


    As to the release of So Close, she is hoping to have news soon.



  5. On 4/3/2019 at 10:10 PM, D500 said:

    I am not sure if the hints to ensure our names are on the mailing list, and links to 'coming soon' mean there could be news soon about the publication of So Close?  The Coming Soon and FAQ page details haven't changed.


    Fingers crossed!!!

    And its not hints re So Close.  

  6. I am not sure if the hints to ensure our names are on the mailing list, and links to 'coming soon' mean there could be news soon about the publication of So Close?  The Coming Soon and FAQ page details haven't changed.


    Fingers crossed!!!

  7. Just got round to reading this and yes, I guessed who it was going to be but I do like these novels that are part romance/part thriller.  I thought Crossfire was going that way with the intrigue over Nathan's death but the suspense that started with the bracelet discovery sort was dealt with a little too quickly/easily.  

  8. The disclaimer was probably to do with the EU directive where we in the EU find every web site we visit needs us to click to accept cookies and terms of service.  Designed to protect privacy but has turned into quite an irritant!

    I shall read So Close but am a little worried we might have a long wait for the second book, but hopefully as with the Crossfire novels the ends of the books might avoid the massive cliffhangers other writers provide.  (Not a criticism of the author as everyone works at their own pace but as we all now know we will hear a bit more about Gideon and Eva in the books suspect we are all a little impatient for them.)


    I followed the 'cockygate' scandal on Twitter and hadn't realised how many books some authors were pushing out, and how Kindle Unlimited was being manipulated by some.  I'd not read books by any of the authors that were mentioned but some seemed to be putting out 3 or 4 a month.

  9. We also never found out how Gideon had that fantasy about a sex swing - not sure if I fully understood his sexual history but up to Eva I thought all his sexual encounters were in that hotel room (and by that I mean full sex encounters as obviously that photo with the two women was not the full deal); that with Ann he went had flogged her and used the sex toys and if I am right Deanna had expected to be treated like that and was disappointed not to be????????  But he was ashamed of how he had treated Ann, realising it was because she was so like Hugh it was more punishing him.  He was also not particularly aroused when with Ann.  

    Reading between the lines re Gideon's father's suicide, I wondered if some of the problem was that Gideon either discovered the body or had sight of it.  That was something I had thought about when reading the earlier book where he said he was talking to Dr Peterson about his dad's suicide, but after Monica was killed he was desperate for Eva not to see her mother after being shot - which made me think he had seen his dad.  That would more explain the pretty extreme anger he had as a child.

    Would also have been good to read a little more about Angus relationship with Gideon - what part he had played in saving Gideon from Hugh, transferring to work for him when he became successful etc.

    A lot of this for me was more necessary to learn about that anything that was purely unanswered because the book had not reached that point in time (i.e. Cary's baby, Mark's wedding, any court case for Ann, what happened with Corrine etc. which would all be in the future).  

    I also wonder if So Close and its follow up were originally not going to feature the Crossfire characters, other than that reference in the excerpt - could it be that the clamour for more detail has resulted in a re-think about those books which has lengthened the writing?  I believe we do have to accept that for Sylvia the writing does take a while. I'm impatient to read more but I wouldn't stamp my feet like some fans did over the last two Crossfire books because of the gap between publication.  How many reviews were purely about the time taken to write the book and not the book itself - which to me does not constitute a book review!


    I might do a re-read, a chapter a day (to fit it in with my other TBR list) and note down some of the events/situations that  I felt were not answered (or I may have missed where they were).

  10. I listened in to the Facebook session yesterday (its recorded and available to view on Sylvia's Facebook page).  

    Confirmed that she is still writing the book so we still have to be patient, difficult I suspect as now we know the Crossfire characters will be in the next four books which makes us eager to read them (she mentioned Gideon and Eva featuring heavily in Ireland's story which makes me wonder if she has begun writing that as well  . . . . )


  11. 3 hours ago, jmhope said:

    Don’t think we will ever have  to worry about picking people to play Eva and Gideon (we wouldn’t be happy anyway). Don’t think the books will ever get on film and doubt seriously if passionflix could do it justice.  They did okay with Afterburn/Aftershock felt that it was rated more PG-13 than R

    Glad  to have website up and running again!!



    True, whoever is picked isn't going to suit all the readers and a lot of what is in the books could not be shown on screen anyway!!  

    Pleased the site is back as well, although there's not a lot going on at the moment - I believe So Close is still being written so it could be a while before we get to read it (tempted to wait for both books to be written but hope there won't be too long a gap between release dates).

  12. Here in the UK Henry Cavill was on a chat show last night (with Tom Cruise as they are publicising the Mission Impossible film they are working on at the moment).  Henry has a moustache and (I think) a slightly different haircut for his role and for the first time looking at him I could see Gideon, although I still think from the book descriptions that Gideon's body (shoulder/chest area) is leaner than Henry's.  Still need to see him with long hair though to properly envisage him in the role. 

  13. It all depends on the person who is being spoken to as to whether they consider it harassment.  I've not re-read those chapters so if I'm wrong let me know.  Although Eva was saying no she was still interested in him and he would have realised that - in that first meeting they both had an obvious 'spark' and when Eva told Cary about Gideon she was definitely interested in getting to know him a lot better.  So I guess Gideon was reacting to that when he approached her.   

    I'm in the UK and we don't tend to go for lawsuits, Personnel/Human Resources would usually sort the problem for us.

  14. Simplest thing is to download a product called ccleaner which will remove cookies etc (but you can tell it which cookies you want it to keep) and will also clean up your computer .




    Just download the free version.  Once the program is on your computer close your internet browser, run the program and click the analyse button which will show you a list of what it can remove.  That will include temp files, some temp system files etc.  Don't actually click the run button but look at what it is offering to clean up and double check if you want all that removed.  Untick anything you don't want removing - there's one tab for systems on the computer and another tab for your programs and if you use Office (Word, Excel) and don't want to lose the list of the last few files you had open untick those.  The beauty of this program is you can pick and choose what it removes which I find better than using the internet explorer/edge settings.

    I run this quite frequently but I don't use it to clear cookies unless I need to so clear them the first time you run the program (you will probably then have to sign in to most forums, websites again) but next time you run the program just untick cookies and history so they remain.


    Once you are happy with what it is going to remove click the 'run cleaner' button and it gets rid of all the rubbish you don't need.  


  15. We get to see the Crossfire characters in the Blacklist books, and then again in those to be written about Ireland.

    I think I read a response from the author saying the book was ready for editing (not 100% sure though).  We do wait a long time for the books (and I presume the 3 remaining of those mentioned are still to be written) and I am impatient to read them all but would rather  wait for them to be ready in due course rather than rushed.  I find there's no point comparing the rapidity of one author's output to another as they all work at different rates - some are extremely prolific but with varying levels of how good the content is.

    It is understandable that people want to know more about Gideon and Eva - we left them on a happy note which was great and I like the fact Sylvia didn't follow the norm of other writers to add an epilogue about the future - now we know we will hear more about them in future books this may satisfy the multitude of readers who complained about not getting that info (and about Cary etc.)   (That is, of course, the readers who didn't stamp their feet and throw a 'paddy' saying they'd never buy this author's books again which to me seems a little childish but each to their own). 

    I believe the Afterburn Aftershock movie will also be available to download from iTunes.  Being in the UK I couldn't subscribe to Passionflix although in comments on Facebook I've seen that Australia gets the service soon so maybe the UK will, but I shall probably just pick the movies of the books I have really liked and download from iTunes.  I think the first movie from Passionflix, Hollywood Dirt, is available from mid to late September.


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