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  1. 9 minutes ago, Rogue said:

    Just to clarify a couple of things regarding VIP rooms and how they work (in the UK at least). Occasionally they are rented out / reserved for private parties, however most of the time they are simply an exclusive room or area of a club reserved for visiting VIPs. When they aren't reserved the staff decide who gets in depending on who's at the club that night - whether any celebrities are there / who's spending highly/ who's best dressed etc... 

    We know that Gideon spent Cinco de Mayo clubbing with his friends, so it stands to reason that they were also present in the VIP section. In fact, the presence of the photographer who took that photo indicates that the VIP area was not reserved specifically for Gideon and his friends that night and therefore a number of strangers were present, and the area was not private. 

    Finally I just found a quote from Captivated by You which confirms my belief that these actions were totally out of character with Gideon's persona... 

    I knew my angel well. Indulging her closet exhibitionism was a complete 360 turnaround for me, and although it still amazed me when I thought about it, I didn't mind in the least. 

    A complete 360 turnaround for him!!! This part frustrated me greatly especially because it was just so unnecessary!! 

    I agree.. :(

    and when Eva said " I would never share him that way, I was too possessive. And he would never share even a glimpse of me because he was too protective. "

    since when Gideon was only too protective and not too possessive ?


    The Crossfire series, which I loved - lost its magic for me. ;(

  2. Before OWY: Gideon was very private person (before Eva) and he was very possessive.... In OWY book, Gideon is only protective....

    Before OWY: Gideon was always in control with women -even drunk...before Eva

    Ohhh .........he didn't enjoy sex with other people around......

    that's what we believed until now

    where is logic in that?

  3. Quote: "“He wasn’t stalking Eva,” I said tightly, the horrific realization sinking in. I pulled out the photo from the nightclub of me and two women. Taken in May, it preceded Eva’s arrival in New York."

    It wasn't Deanna so it must be in public... maybe not quite..because - VIP private area in club.............. so the "doesn't make sense"-issue is here :D

    Anyway, I don't care anymore.

  4. One more thing... Why Eva's mother got married Stanton? I don't understand. She already had a lot of money. She could afford to help her sister by herself.

    8 minutes ago, BettyY37 said:

    As has been stated by most readers who have commented here, the end was a shock.  I have read similar reviews everywhere.  I have only read two books by Sylvia Day .that were not part of the Crossfire series so I do not know her style.  That being said, I have read hundreds of romance/erotic romance/erotic novels during the past few years.  For me, One With You reads like an edgy Nora Roberts.  If I had been reading one of Nora's books what happened to Monica would not have been as much of a surprise.

    Normally I would have expected the lives of all the characters to be tied up with neat ribbons but I think Sylvia said in an interview about this book that might not happen.  I, therefore, was not surprised to find so many characters unfinished....too many for my early expectations of the series.

    A sixth book that provides a traditional/typical ending would take away from what I consider a unique ending to the Eva/Gideon story.  We are left to fill in the future for ourselves.

    My comments should not be construed to imply I am happy.  I wanted a warm, fuzzy HEA.  I do thank Sylvia for a special reading experience that makes Crossfire a standout among the books I have read. 

    One with You is not the first book, I read, which has open ending. (for example: Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead)

    There is nothing unique in that. (I am sorry, but it is my opinion.)

    I am so frustrated....
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