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Fairy Me Away [Ends 6/30/08]

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The Prize


For two centuries, Professor Dalrymple's Patented Fairy Catching System has helped fairy seekers to attract and observe their shimmering friends closeup. Its "catch and release" approach-stressing the safety of the fairy-has helped earn this system seals of approval from both the Society to Keep Fairies Free (SKFF) and the more secretive Fairy Fellowship Coalition (FFC). This tongue-in-cheek kit includes fairy dust for attracting fairies, a fairy-sized net, magnifying glass, jar with stopper, and a fairy field guide, all in a pretty carryall bag.

And a MARKED coffee mug in which to enjoy java or tea while waiting for the fairies. Unlike the lighthearted fairy kit, the mug is dark — black with gold foil and white lettering. Kick-Arse. Perfect for starting off a demon-killing day.

The Rules

* Sign up for the newsletter.

* Read the July issue to see if you won.

* Claim your prize within 30 days.

* Contest runs May 8-June 30.

* Contest is for adults only. By entering, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

Enter Now

Sign up for the newsletter here: http://www.sjday.net/news/

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