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Are you a coffee drinker? In the morning or all day long?

Gotta have at least one in the morning or it's a bad day - preferably two. Then it depends one what's going on - sometimes I can drink it all day and sometimes I like to switch to peach or raspberry tea.

No coffee for you? What's your kick-in-the-pants drink of choice?

Well, I have been known to drink water (lol) or sometimes a diet Root Beer or Pepsi but I'm not a real big pop guzzler.


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Oh I love my coffee in the morning, I usually have 2 really big cups (ok those 2 cups actually equal out to about 3/4 of a pot :D ) sometimes I'll have a cup in the afternoon, if someone else is making a pot :wink: , but usually in the afternoons I like to steep some tea, different flavors-though Earl Grey Lavender is one of my favorites, depending on my mood and in the winter time I love to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate or sometimes I splurge with some spiked hot cidar! :shock:

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What a cool prize package. Are those purple M&Ms? Purple is my favorite color. But, I digress. I caffeinate myself with Coke or Vault or Dr. Pepper. Sometimes I pick up those "energy drinks" if they're really cheap at Big Lots or the Dollar Store and they don't have high fructose corn syrup in them. In the winter, I like a nice hot cup of tea.

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Sorry all you coffee drinkers....

I can't stand the smell of coffee. I'm 40 and I don't even know how to make it. I don't drink tea either (I'm getting a little better at drinking hot tea) but I LOVE my hot chocolate. It drives my hubby crazy that I don't drink coffee.

My caffine of choice is one Mountain Dew a day. If I don't have any, I start to go thru caffine withdrawel and get a headache. I do drink 104oz of water a day (no it doesn't make me go to the bathroom more often).

One year for Christmas at work, I was the secret Santa for one of my bosses. On her list, she wanted some freshly ground flavored coffee. When she found out it was me, she treasured it more because she knew what I went through to actually grind the coffee at the store.

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Ooooh, cool giveaway! :D

Yes, I'm a big time coffee drinker. I kind of taper off a bit during the hotter months, unless it's iced coffee or Starbucks. However, once the chill of Fall is in the air my coffee maker is going at least twice daily. I love these mugs, love chocolate, and can always use a new keychain.

Please include me in your draw.



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