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MARKED - Tor Goodness [Ends Sept. 30]

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You must highlight the words with your mouse,then click on the colour you want where says "font colour".To highlight,holdown left mouse key and move cursor over word/s.

ok can someone help me and tell me how to change the color of the writing i keep trying and nothing is working!!

Thank you for your help/


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My favorite drink is General Foods International Coffees - a combo of French Vanilla and Suisse Mocha (my absolute faves of GFIC - Kalua (sp?) Cafe and Italian Cappuccino - are not made or not sold in my area, anyway anymore :cry: :evil: ) - and I will have it anytime during the day; I don't notice caffeine effects.

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No coffee for me - although I love the scent of coffee. have a toddler so I don't have time for it anyway. We begin our day right away. I have caffeine if I have a migraine and it seems to help along the migraine pain reliever. Otherwise, if I have time, and need extra energy I have Greenmax which I get at Talin market. Or if I want to relax - tea.

Night is really what gives me my second wind, renewed energy. I drink it in after a long day to feel refreshed. Take it from someon who gets migraines - the light of day is over rated.

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Coffee is like life to me I have had many cups starting at age 3 with my dad. :) Summer can't come soon enough for me I want to read your books. I also collect coffee mugs these are great.


You won this contest. Congratulations! :)

Please email your mailing address to: sj@sjday.net

Thank you all for participating. There is a new contest running now. Check the main contest forum for details.

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