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Gideon - what do you think?


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I thought I read that the next two books will be more from Gideon's perspective.  I was thinking that we would find him more of a possessive, aggressive control freak.  You usually don't get to be an extremely successful business man without a few secrets in your closet.   Do you think the books will find that he's a nice guy deserving of  Eva's love or a scoundrel in disguise that Eva wins over or a little of both?   

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I think Gideon is a little both.....devious scroundrel and a misunderstood man who needs a lot of love.

Hopefully the POV will switch between Eva and Gideon, that is what the teasers and the excerpts look like so far. Tomorrow is teaser Tuesday!!!

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Where can I find all these teasers at? Facebook? (I haven't posted in a whiiiile!) I'm not too sure how I feel about the books being in his POV, it will be nice to get into his mind but you can't switch up narration in the middle of a series! Still can't wait.

Sylvia "tweets" them every Tuesday. They can be located to the right on the home page and also under the heading Captivated By You treats and teasers. Kristen has done a fine job of posting them there. Hope this helps. If you are on twitter then you could probably find them there too

I have several books where at the beginning of the chapter it states as to who is "talking" and it has worked out pretty good. '

I wasn't confused as to whose POV it was. I would like to hear Gideon's thought on some things!

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