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One with You

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On 9/23/2016 at 10:34 AM, D500 said:

I bought the iTunes song and the booklet is a photo of Sylvia, the lyrics, a few sentences from the book leading up to Brett singing and a few words from after he sang.  When I pre-ordered the price was £1.49, last night before my download was available the price had dropped to 79p but I was still charged £1.49 - Amazon usually only charge you what the price is on the release day, iTunes are not sokind .


If you bought the audiobook from audible you should be able to download a fresh version including the song, ditto if in the UK and you bought the e-book from Penguin you get a version with the song.

The web site was updated today and neither of those are yet available.

I guess US readers are not getting the song as the US contract with Penguin is ended.

I was able to listen to it on YouTube in the US 

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I know from reading reviews that people felt a lot of questions raised throughout the books had not been answered.  I believe there were 'hints' in One With You about some of those answers (such as it does look like Eva is going to work for Gideon as he involved her in the lunch meeting/Gideon confronted his mother and accepted the fact that she would never change).  Some of the questions may well be answered in the proposed book(s) about Ireland so I am not worried about what happened to Anne, Dr Lucas, Corinne, whether Tatiana had the baby or Cary and Trey made a go of it as they are not the main characters and personally I didn't mind not continuing with their storylines.

But there were some things to do with Gideon and/or Eva that maybe ought to have been explained. 

The first one in my mind relates to Angus -  Gideon says 'Angus had been the one to anchor me.  He never doubted me.'  So Angus knew what happened to Gideon.  Gideon was close enough to Angus to have him as the only friend at his wedding.  At one point in One With You Angus tells Gideon it would be good for him to have family and Gideon's thoughts are 'For years, Angus had been all I'd had,  And he'd been enough'

So yes, we know Angus knew what happened but I would have expected a few words to explain how he knew and what action he took to help Gideon at the time.  I'm sure there are other small, but important, points that we all still feel an explanation is needed. 

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Happy birthday Mrs Cross - you share it with David Gandy who is the man I see as Gideon when I read the books (that is David from about six years ago rather than now of course - he looks too mature these days).  🙂  🙂 

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