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We get to see the Crossfire characters in the Blacklist books, and then again in those to be written about Ireland.

I think I read a response from the author saying the book was ready for editing (not 100% sure though).  We do wait a long time for the books (and I presume the 3 remaining of those mentioned are still to be written) and I am impatient to read them all but would rather  wait for them to be ready in due course rather than rushed.  I find there's no point comparing the rapidity of one author's output to another as they all work at different rates - some are extremely prolific but with varying levels of how good the content is.

It is understandable that people want to know more about Gideon and Eva - we left them on a happy note which was great and I like the fact Sylvia didn't follow the norm of other writers to add an epilogue about the future - now we know we will hear more about them in future books this may satisfy the multitude of readers who complained about not getting that info (and about Cary etc.)   (That is, of course, the readers who didn't stamp their feet and throw a 'paddy' saying they'd never buy this author's books again which to me seems a little childish but each to their own). 

I believe the Afterburn Aftershock movie will also be available to download from iTunes.  Being in the UK I couldn't subscribe to Passionflix although in comments on Facebook I've seen that Australia gets the service soon so maybe the UK will, but I shall probably just pick the movies of the books I have really liked and download from iTunes.  I think the first movie from Passionflix, Hollywood Dirt, is available from mid to late September.


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Thank you for replying I appreciate it.  I find Sylvia to be an excellent author and read her books.  The way I interpreted her tweet was probably my imagination running wild thinking she was going to surprise us with something hahaha. 

I don't know anything about Passionflix, that's why I said I would wait for the DVD and I have never downloaded anything from iTunes I guess I'm behind the times.

I love One With You and know she didn't have an epilogue because the story was based during a short time frame. So it makes sense for her to do that. 

I agree with everything you said and will wait patiently (even though I'm not patient hahaha) for the books to be released.

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I listened in to the Facebook session yesterday (its recorded and available to view on Sylvia's Facebook page).  

Confirmed that she is still writing the book so we still have to be patient, difficult I suspect as now we know the Crossfire characters will be in the next four books which makes us eager to read them (she mentioned Gideon and Eva featuring heavily in Ireland's story which makes me wonder if she has begun writing that as well  . . . . )


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