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How do you think the movie will turn out?

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I'm not too familiar with Passionflix but if they are filming now and it is going to be released in November that doesn't seem to give it much for the editing part. I'm wondering if it's going to end up being like some Lifetime movie (which I don't normally enjoy). As for the actor's, while Tyler isn't exactly what I imagined Jax looking like, I still find him a better fit then Caitlin Leahy. 

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There's a You Tube video trailer for the Hollywood Dirt movie which is the first output from Passionflix which will give a flavour of how the films will look.  If you've read the book the trailer will make sense.



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I have been looking at the photos that Sylvia has been posting on her website....they need to give Tyler Johnson a better haircut. When it has that "messed" up look it makes him look like a goofy dork.

Caitlin Leahy looks like a pretty good Gia.

Looking forward to watching the movie,  will keep an open mind and give the actors the benefit of the doubt.

keep posting Sylvia 



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Pretty interesting trailer. Still reminds me of a Lifetime movie but at least I get an idea of how they film their movies. As for Tyler and Caitlin, I am giving them a chance. I don't like it when people jump to conclusions before they even watch the trailer, let alone the actual movie itself.

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Being in the UK I can't subscribe but hope it goes on iTunes.  


I get your bit about the hair (in my mind I don't see Gideon with long hair either, just doesn't seem right although I did see a guy a while back on London's Regent Street who looked very good with mid-brown long hair who was pretty gorgeous and he did look business-like although dressed smart casual).


I liked the short bit we saw of the brothers without their shirts  . . . . . . . . 

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Someone on her Facebook page has already seen it, and in another post this timetable was added


1f55b.png? 12 AM HST Honolulu, Hawaii ‬
‪1f552.png? 3 AM PT Los Angeles, California ‬
‪1f555.png? 6 AM ET New York, New York‬
‪1f557.png? 8 PM Sydney, Australia

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