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  1. What book did you read was it good and had a HEA? I think I could retell the Crossfire series verbatim hahaha.
  2. I hope you are going some where warm. We are suppose to be getting a Nor'easter on Tuesday ugh I need to move to warmer climates. Enjoy your holiday. I am hoping I fixed my sign in problem. I never thought to put this site in my favorites I just go through the web site.
  3. jmhope and D500 I read both books and I really liked them thank you for suggesting them. I hope that if a movie is done it is very close to the books. I am still having trouble signing on and still have to change my password so I am a little frustrated but I'll keep changing it when I do sign on. I'll probably start rereading the Crossfire Series again in the not too distant future.
  4. Hopefully we'll hear something about a release date but like I have mentioned previously I'm impatient haha.
  5. I have been good. I haven't been signing on a lot because I constantly have trouble with it telling me that I am using the wrong password so I have to change it every time. I don't know if you follow her on Twitter but it is saying that Afterburn/AfterShock is being adapted as a motion picture with Sylvia Day saying she is shooting for March 2018. (I will probably purchase them soon and will let you know what I thought.) She was asked a question whether Gideon and Eva will make an appearance in Ireland's series and she said "Of course. Any man who thinks he's worthy of Ireland will have to get past Gideon first." Then said that it will be a few years because she is writing the Blacklist series now which also features some of our favorite Crossfire Books characters and it all connects.
  6. Dear jmhope, it is nice to hear from you it has been quite awhile, I hope all is well. Thank you for responding I will have to purchase those two books. Thank you also D500 for responding, I read on Twitter about Gideon and Eva being in the Blacklist Series and Ireland's novels that is why I was curious about Afterburn/Aftershock. I have been having difficulty signing into the fan site I have to keep changing my password in order to sign in, have either of you been having difficulties?
  7. Dear D500, I am having Gideon and Eva withdrawals. Unfortunately I haven't read Afterburn/Aftershock yet so I'm thinking it's time. If I am thinking correctly Deanna is in this series I am wondering if Gideon is in it also, can you let me know I would appreciate it? Does this series have a happy ever after? Patty
  8. Thank you for replying I appreciate it. I didn't realize that Ireland was going to be a duology that's exciting. I agree the Crossfire Series was about Gideon and Eva and Sylvia did a great job in my opinion. I'm looking forward to the Blacklist Series. I'm impatient but I'll continue to read others and reread until it comes out.
  9. Happy New Year D500, I hope you are having a great year so far. I miss Gideon and Eva so much it isn't funny. since the last time we chatted on here I have read the Crossfire Series twice I guess you could say I am obsessed hahaha. I have a question maybe you or someone can answer it for me. I have a Twitter account however, when I tweet something to Sylvia Day (and others) I never get a response I know I have my account private so next to my name is a padlock could this be why I do not get responses? My question on Twitter to Sylvia Day was will the novel about Ireland be released after the Blacklist Series, I know I only tweeted it 14 hours ago but I was hoping I would be a response or a hello.
  10. I was able to listen to it on YouTube in the US
  11. I really miss Gideon and Eva and am still having a hard time that it was the end of the series, I understand it was a short period of time for them June to September, however, I would have loved to read that Victor walked Eva down the aisle, also I would like to know if Corinne went back to Mr. Giroux, along with other endings to the side characters. I know Sylvia has said in her interviews that all of her characters appear in other novels and that Ireland will have her own series, if the Blacklist series isn't coming out until sometime in 2017 I know that means that Ireland's won't be out during that year and I believe only So Close is coming out in 2017 so when will the second one come out. I guess what I'm saying is that it will be a few years before we get Ireland's. The wait is what makes me crazy because I'm an impatient person when I read a series. I hope everybody that still checks this fan site is doing well.
  12. Thank you for posting that!
  13. I did compare Sophia to Corinne and was very very glad Blake didn't go to see her I felt it was Remy's responsibility to take care of her because it is his club and he wanted her from the beginning.
  14. I totally agree with you she is too forgiving and I still don't trust Resi. I would have liked more about her pregnancy and the birth like how they felt when they had a girl. Mom glad you enjoyed it as I did too.
  15. I understand what you are saying, I did enjoy reading the series. Let me know when you finish I'd like to know what you thought at the end.