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  2. Hi, I have an account but forgot my sign in info 😆. I have been waiting for 6 long years for So Close, when do you think it will be released? I have re-read All of Ms. Days books and need a new release. I mean I have read authors I would not read just to have something fresh to read and during this year of Covid I can't read anymore drivel! I am signed up with the news letter and am on pins and needles here. I would appreciate an update on the happenings Thank you for listening, Sincerely, Sharrel
  3. I think Netflix would do a great job with the Crossfire series. They did a good job with 365 days; although, I was disappointed with the end. They will certainly keep series steamy and not tone it down.
  4. Agreed. I was just curious. Would love to have something to be excited about when it comes to Crossfire
  5. There were some tweets between Sylvia and fans over the Christmas period about this - the books are still optioned by the second company. TV series would be best. Passionflix are good but I'm not sure the Crossfire storyline is best filmed the way they do (not a criticism, I've enjoyed the films they have done). Crossfire is a little more fast paced than some of the stories Passionflix have done, with the background stories of both lead characters the filming needs to be sympathetic to that as well as to the sexy side of the story. A film would have been great but with the time of a film so much of the story would have to be cut that it wouldn't work.
  6. PassionFlix did Gabriel’s Inferno. I wonder if they’ll pick up Crossfire. I would prefer a show though so it can give more detail.
  7. Hello everyone! I just finished my annual new year re-read and remembered this site. I wish it was active but I know there’s not much else to say. Every time I re-read the series though I always want someone to talk too. Reading the last two books, especially the fourth (since it’s our first glimpse into Gideon’s mind) is such a treat. It makes me wish SD would pull an EL James an re-write the first book from Gideon’s POV. It would be amazing to read his thoughts during those crucial first few weeks. Miss discussing GidEva! 💗
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