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  2. In the FAQ section of the website, included in the one about a Crossfire motion picture (or tv series as it is now likely to be) Butterfly in Frost is also optioned. Fab news.
  3. Checking the FAQ this month seems there's a possibility we may yet get to see the books on screen. Seems to be early days so not much has been said but keep your fingers crossed.
  4. The question about how did David die was answered by Sylvia on Facebook - as the details of his death were not pivotal to the plot she didn't go into any detail. She has also posted in the last couple of days that some of the things in her books are from personal experience. The paperback is the same and is a smaller sized book than standard. This is a novella, and a stand alone.
  5. I was able to download a Kindle copy of the book and I'm not sure if that's the while story. It's like less than 200 pages? Is that right? Would the paper back copy just be the same? 'Coz I'm planning to order the paper back if that's much longer. But, I still loved it though! There's a plot twist I didn't see coming! And good to hear from Eva & Gideon as well.
  6. So I just finished Butterfly in Frost and I have a question. Do we ever find out how David died? Did I miss that part? I feel like I read through it really fast so maybe I missed it. I did guess the twist! I wanted to mention that because I feel pretty proud of myself. I usually miss these things until they're right in front of me lol. Their first meeting threw me off but it was when she mentioned Asians not having nice and he said "you're half Asian" that I was like wait they never talked about their families. Omg maybe she's the wife he mentioned! This story was so sad and I have to wonder if Sylvia has experienced depression 😔 Oh and the last thing I want to say! Cary lost his child!!!??? Omg I was so excited when his name was mentioned but then when the loss of the son was mentioned I was crushed! Poor Cary! Hasn't he been through enough? I wish you'd write his story! I love him Anyway that's all. Hopefully someone answers me about David.
  7. I am writing an erotic romance book. I started writing and then stopped to go back and develop my characters following a long and detailed template. The long list of questions is overwhelming, and now I have stalled in my writing. How deeply do you develop your characters before you write the story? Do you develop as you go? Thank you, Jennifer
  8. Chelsie

    Crossfire series

    Hello, I have read the crossfire series many times and I always enjoy the story and the characters. As I read it this last time it was mentioned a couple of times how Gideon’s friends never saw him settling down first and I always enjoyed when his friends would show up. Cary was also having huge developments in his life. So I was just wondering if you’ve ever thought about doing some spinoffs on any of Gideons friends, Cary, or even a “years later” short story about how Gideon and Eva’s relationship progresses?
  9. Just wanted to say I absolutely loved the book Butterfly in Frost. It was very well written. Such a talented Author That can write such a beautiful sad story and leave you in suspense till the end that when all the puzzle piece fit together. I think its definitely a reread. I am so looking forward to SO CLOSE. Please say your contract is up soon. I so need some of Mr. Black
  10. So, I had some initial confusion about the lack of details and the initial attraction. But I loved how it came together. I didn’t compare it to E & C. To me their attraction had something different. I loved the reference to my Crossfire faves. I hope in some of Ireland’s books, we get more but it was just enough. I know people are disappointed that E &C don’t have children yet but to be honest, that makes total sense to me. There is so much they were figuring out for themselves and each other. I also wouldn’t want that to be a couple lines a in a book which is not really about them. The dynamic between Teagan and Garrett is beautiful and had me in tears at the end. That twist!! To find out where T’s grief came from, ughhhh. Heart wrenching. But it was so beautifully done. I would have loved more but it was still a great novella.
  11. Yay! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed Teagan and Garrett’s story. I love them so much and want such good things for them. Their journey breaks my heart. We’ve moved this topic to the Single Titles forum. Thank you for starting it! I’m going to butt out now, so you all can discuss freely... 🤗
  12. The EC is possibly Eva Cross but I couldn't come up with anything for the RA. As the profits are to go to Eva's 'philanthropic Crossroads Foundation' possibly refers to something to do with that? I read some reviews where people objected to ECRA being mentioned so often, ran a search on the e-book and it is mentioned 10 times which I don't think is too excessive when it is what brings Eva and Teagen's relationship into the story. The instant attraction did seem odd (although a little similar to Gideon and Eva), and it was obvious from what was written that when Teagen first saw Garrett running that she knew him so I was surprised that wasn't fleshed out, ditto the bit about the sapphire sofa - but on first reading I wouldn't be looking for clues, just reading the story, I have to do a re-read now I know the twist to confirm my initial feelings about the book. Plus wondering why Teagen was depressed as she seemed okay about that other marriage to the actor and of course no hint about how long ago that must have been (or maybe there is and I will spot that on a re-read?) It's a novella but would have been nice if it had been a bit longer, with a little more added to the ending, and that after 7 years Eva is not pregnant (considering how they were going at it . . . . . !) But it did set the time placement for the book. Crossfire (certainly the first two books) is a hard act to follow.
  13. Just finished Butterfly in Frost. Personally I wasn't impressed. After 3 years, if this is the best Sylvia can do, then I know why So Close is not finished. The tidbits about Eva was nice, sad though that after 7 years together she and Gideon have no children. I mean she is 31!! Apparently Cary married Trey and that Tatiana lost the baby BIF was rather confusing with the instant attraction between Teagan and Garrett and their interaction. After reading the twist, it made sense. Wish it came sooner so we could understand better. The ending was rushed. Knew Garrett was sad about David's death, but didn't really know about the depression affecting Teagan. Couldn't imagine Cross Industries investing in cosmetics. Wonder what ECRA+ stands for Any other views?
  14. Not sure if this will be posted as my last one has remained hidden for some days. I've read the book and really liked it, cleverly written - as I was reading I was wondering why certain things were not being explained and had scant details, but all became clear with the twist at the end. Hopefully we will have a section for this book where we can discuss it.
  15. It’s 2019. Any chance this series will be published soon? Is it finished? Hoping for some response!
  16. First Chapter available on the website https://www.sylviaday.com/books/butterfly-in-frost/#excerpt
  17. I've read through some of the questions posed on Facebook and Sylvia's answers: First the reason she cannot continue with previously unfinished series is she is legally prohibited from writing full length novels outside of her contracts for Blacklist and Ireland's series. She can do novellas but states that to wrap up other trilogies needs full length novels. The new book focuses on Teagan and Garrett and is a novella. There are cameos and updates about other characters we love (this was to ensure our expectations stay grounded as Gideon and Eva are not main characters). The novella is only available on Kindle so no other e-book publisher will have it. There will be paperback and audiobook and the pre-order links should appear soon, but we do have until August to pre-order so not a problem the links aren't yet available. As to the release of So Close, she is hoping to have news soon.
  18. D500

    So Close

    And its not hints re So Close.
  19. https://www.sylviaday.com/books/butterfly-in-frost/ Out 27th August https://ew.com/books/2019/04/29/sylvia-day-butterfly-in-frost-cover/?utm_medium=social&utm_content=link&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_ew&utm_term=498C3E96-6A87-11E9-BBE7-A4B4984234C2
  20. D500

    So Close

    I am not sure if the hints to ensure our names are on the mailing list, and links to 'coming soon' mean there could be news soon about the publication of So Close? The Coming Soon and FAQ page details haven't changed. Fingers crossed!!!
  21. Happy birthday Mrs Cross - you share it with David Gandy who is the man I see as Gideon when I read the books (that is David from about six years ago rather than now of course - he looks too mature these days). 🙂 🙂
  22. Just got round to reading this and yes, I guessed who it was going to be but I do like these novels that are part romance/part thriller. I thought Crossfire was going that way with the intrigue over Nathan's death but the suspense that started with the bracelet discovery sort was dealt with a little too quickly/easily.
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