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    I am not sure if the hints to ensure our names are on the mailing list, and links to 'coming soon' mean there could be news soon about the publication of So Close? The Coming Soon and FAQ page details haven't changed. Fingers crossed!!!
  3. Happy birthday Mrs Cross - you share it with David Gandy who is the man I see as Gideon when I read the books (that is David from about six years ago rather than now of course - he looks too mature these days). 🙂 🙂
  4. Just got round to reading this and yes, I guessed who it was going to be but I do like these novels that are part romance/part thriller. I thought Crossfire was going that way with the intrigue over Nathan's death but the suspense that started with the bracelet discovery sort was dealt with a little too quickly/easily.
  5. Haven't heard of “cockygate”. But some of my favorite authors put out at least a book a year. Sometimes two. Laters
  6. The disclaimer was probably to do with the EU directive where we in the EU find every web site we visit needs us to click to accept cookies and terms of service. Designed to protect privacy but has turned into quite an irritant! I shall read So Close but am a little worried we might have a long wait for the second book, but hopefully as with the Crossfire novels the ends of the books might avoid the massive cliffhangers other writers provide. (Not a criticism of the author as everyone works at their own pace but as we all now know we will hear a bit more about Gideon and Eva in the books suspect we are all a little impatient for them.) I followed the 'cockygate' scandal on Twitter and hadn't realised how many books some authors were pushing out, and how Kindle Unlimited was being manipulated by some. I'd not read books by any of the authors that were mentioned but some seemed to be putting out 3 or 4 a month.
  7. Yes I’m glad it’s back. It was down since May. Still curious about the problem. Had to sign a lengthy disclaimer notice. Not sure if I’m going to read So Close. Wait for some reviews.
  8. And it is back and in a slightly different layout. Fingers crossed So Close is getting closer (pun intended).
  9. I agree with alot of points that your brought up. Complaining about the time it takes to get a book out is not a review of the book itself. It has been over 4 years since Diana Gabaldon put her last Outlander book out and I am still waiting patiently. Also people that complain that it did not download properly.
  10. I've not seen it, Amazon video has it for rental or purchase here in the UK but it is £19.99 to buy where most movies are £9.99 - £13.99 and for that price I'd prefer a dvd (I like to own a physical product rather than just a download).
  11. We also never found out how Gideon had that fantasy about a sex swing - not sure if I fully understood his sexual history but up to Eva I thought all his sexual encounters were in that hotel room (and by that I mean full sex encounters as obviously that photo with the two women was not the full deal); that with Ann he went had flogged her and used the sex toys and if I am right Deanna had expected to be treated like that and was disappointed not to be???????? But he was ashamed of how he had treated Ann, realising it was because she was so like Hugh it was more punishing him. He was also not particularly aroused when with Ann. Reading between the lines re Gideon's father's suicide, I wondered if some of the problem was that Gideon either discovered the body or had sight of it. That was something I had thought about when reading the earlier book where he said he was talking to Dr Peterson about his dad's suicide, but after Monica was killed he was desperate for Eva not to see her mother after being shot - which made me think he had seen his dad. That would more explain the pretty extreme anger he had as a child. Would also have been good to read a little more about Angus relationship with Gideon - what part he had played in saving Gideon from Hugh, transferring to work for him when he became successful etc. A lot of this for me was more necessary to learn about that anything that was purely unanswered because the book had not reached that point in time (i.e. Cary's baby, Mark's wedding, any court case for Ann, what happened with Corrine etc. which would all be in the future). I also wonder if So Close and its follow up were originally not going to feature the Crossfire characters, other than that reference in the excerpt - could it be that the clamour for more detail has resulted in a re-think about those books which has lengthened the writing? I believe we do have to accept that for Sylvia the writing does take a while. I'm impatient to read more but I wouldn't stamp my feet like some fans did over the last two Crossfire books because of the gap between publication. How many reviews were purely about the time taken to write the book and not the book itself - which to me does not constitute a book review! I might do a re-read, a chapter a day (to fit it in with my other TBR list) and note down some of the events/situations that I felt were not answered (or I may have missed where they were).
  12. Still can't believe that there wasn't more discussion on the Aftershock/Afterburn movie. Never it saw it come out in DVD, just video and very expensive. Felt that it was rated ore PG-13 than R, especially since it was supposed to be an erotic movie.
  13. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands. I do too sometimes.....I am almost finished re-reading the Crossfire Series for the fifth or sixth time. I still have some unanswered questions. In OWY (after the debacle with Monica's back story) a sneak peak into the Black List was provided, that was 2 years ago, what is taking Sylvia so long in writing these books, in previous communications it seemed that they were almost finished. While the gang was in Rio and Ibiza why did only Monica, Cary and Eva have visas to go to Brazil and not Shawna and Megumi? And I still don't understand why Eva would loose her job if Mark chose to leave WF&L? Just doesn't seem fair to the employee, what if Mark was fired>? Seems like Sylvia has a lot on her plate, what with a story featuring Ireland and follow ups on the Crossfire series. Really hated the ending to OWY.
  14. When I started reading the Crossfire Series, I decided to write down a list of all the song's mentioned in each one of the books and I made a playlist out of them on Youtube. Someone has already done this to an extent before but there were songs missing. Anyway here is the list of songs mentioned in all of the Crossfire books along with the link to the playlist: 1. Chasing Pavements-Adele 2. Come Fly With Me-Frank Sinatra 3. What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong 4. Mercy-Duffy 5. Rehab-Amy Winehouse 6. Without You-Hinder 7. Sexyback-Justin Timberlake 8. Hanging By A Moment-Lifehouse 9. Brave-Sara Bareilles 10. Ave Maria-Barbara Bonney 11. Collide-Howie Day 12. Possession-Sarah McLachlan 13. Golden-Six Ninths 14. I've Got You Babe-Sonny and Cher 15. Only The Good Die Young- Billy Joel 16. (I've Had) The Time Of My Life 17. Diamonds-Rhianna 18. Uptown Girl-Billy Joel 19. At Last-Etta James 20. At Last-Beyonce 21. Journey's Greatest Hits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08DjMT-qR9g&list=PLiilsLdXh3SE20WM-SyTsmvz9gAzLB2PS
  15. Unlike some of Sylvia's stories that are told from the main characters, this one here starts out being told from someone who was more of a observer. Sort of like Nick from The Great Gatsby. I guess we'll eventually find out what it's about but it's kind of confusing where she's going with this story.
  16. First of all, I am a fan of Sylvia Day's, and one of the things I think you need in order to be true fan of anybody's is to disagree with them every once in a while. That being said, I've noticed in several of Sylvia's books that there have been female character's telling the male characters "no" while he continues to pin them down (usually on the floor) as they are trying to get away. The reason's are usually brought on by her just being stubborn when it's clear that she wants him. This might seem romantic to some but to me it's no different to rape. This usually takes place in her historical books and I recall one (can't remember which book) where one of the male character's pins the female character on the floor although she fights and tells him no then after that when he talks to her and asks her if she wants to have sex with him, her response is "Do I have a choice"? I'm concerned about this because I heard before that a certain percentage of erotic romance reader's are men who are trying to figure out what women likes romantically. So if they read books where a girl is clawing across the floor with a guy holding her down and back while he starts kissing and fondling her, what does that say to the men looking for advice through these books?
  17. I don't think that Ireland finding out her brother had been raped is ever going to happen, but I can only imagine how she would react if she ever found out about it. Did anyone else think this when they were reading the books? She doesn't really even seem to ask why Gideon hardly comes around to begin with.
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