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  1. Just finished Butterfly in Frost. Personally I wasn't impressed. After 3 years, if this is the best Sylvia can do, then I know why So Close is not finished. The tidbits about Eva was nice, sad though that after 7 years together she and Gideon have no children. I mean she is 31!! Apparently Cary married Trey and that Tatiana lost the baby BIF was rather confusing with the instant attraction between Teagan and Garrett and their interaction. After reading the twist, it made sense. Wish it came sooner so we could understand better. The ending was rushed. Knew Garrett was sad about David's death, but didn't really know about the depression affecting Teagan. Couldn't imagine Cross Industries investing in cosmetics. Wonder what ECRA+ stands for Any other views?
  2. Haven't heard of “cockygate”. But some of my favorite authors put out at least a book a year. Sometimes two. Laters
  3. Yes I’m glad it’s back. It was down since May. Still curious about the problem. Had to sign a lengthy disclaimer notice. Not sure if I’m going to read So Close. Wait for some reviews.
  4. I agree with alot of points that your brought up. Complaining about the time it takes to get a book out is not a review of the book itself. It has been over 4 years since Diana Gabaldon put her last Outlander book out and I am still waiting patiently. Also people that complain that it did not download properly.
  5. Still can't believe that there wasn't more discussion on the Aftershock/Afterburn movie. Never it saw it come out in DVD, just video and very expensive. Felt that it was rated ore PG-13 than R, especially since it was supposed to be an erotic movie.
  6. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands. I do too sometimes.....I am almost finished re-reading the Crossfire Series for the fifth or sixth time. I still have some unanswered questions. In OWY (after the debacle with Monica's back story) a sneak peak into the Black List was provided, that was 2 years ago, what is taking Sylvia so long in writing these books, in previous communications it seemed that they were almost finished. While the gang was in Rio and Ibiza why did only Monica, Cary and Eva have visas to go to Brazil and not Shawna and Megumi? And I still don't understand why Eva would loose her job if Mark chose to leave WF&L? Just doesn't seem fair to the employee, what if Mark was fired>? Seems like Sylvia has a lot on her plate, what with a story featuring Ireland and follow ups on the Crossfire series. Really hated the ending to OWY.
  7. Don’t think we will ever have to worry about picking people to play Eva and Gideon (we wouldn’t be happy anyway). Don’t think the books will ever get on film and doubt seriously if passionflix could do it justice. They did okay with Afterburn/Aftershock felt that it was rated more PG-13 than R Glad to have website up and running again!!
  8. I’m so glad that this website is up and running again!! Missed looking at Sylvia’s postings and seeing what her fans had to say.Wonder what the problem was? Anyway welcome back
  9. Can’t believe no one has made any comments about watching  movie other than meÂ
  10. As I stated in earlier post I broke down and subscribed to Passionflix. i thought the movie was pretty good.  Kept real close to the book.  I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, was not sure of what type of party it was but I did know that it was at Rossi’s and I’m assuming it was an engagement party.  Perplexed as to why Jax was the only one wearing a rossi’s T-shirt. The rating for this movie I felt was PG 13 rather than R.  I have seen sex/love scenes with more sizzle on network TV (Good Behavior on TNT comes to mind ) than in this movie.  As for Passionflix, I am glad we were given a reduced price and can cancel at anytime which I will be doing before my month ends.  It had only 25 movies and they were all OLD. As I said I did enjoy the movie.
  11. Does anyone know when the movie will be available to view on passionflix? it’s almost 9 am EST and still no movie yeah I broke down and joined for a month Â
  12. Technically Gideon was not her employer, he hadn't given the account to them yet. she even hinted that she might be interested but wasn't going to act on anything. Â If we want to be realistic, I have never been abused in anyway, but how can two sexually abused people be so active sexually. You would think the act would be intolerable. Â Just my opinion. I really wouldn't know.
  13. Saw the trailer and thought it was pretty good. Â Still don't like Jax's hair, especially when it hangs in his face. Hopefully I will be able to see it on Amazon video or I will have to wait until it comes out in DVD; not going to subscribe to passionflix.
  14. I have been looking at the photos that Sylvia has been posting on her website....they need to give Tyler Johnson a better haircut. When it has that "messed" up look it makes him look like a goofy dork. Caitlin Leahy looks like a pretty good Gia. Looking forward to watching the movie,  will keep an open mind and give the actors the benefit of the doubt. keep posting Sylvia  Â
  15. Eva also said she wanted to go back to school so that she could be a better sounding board for Gideon; so she wasn't becoming his"lapdog ". Never could understand how she could lose her job when Mark left? Â Couldn't she be an assistant to someone else?
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