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  1. Oh, I agree. Has Monica & Gideon's mother met yet? If not, I'd love to see their first meeting at a family gathering where everyone is suppose to be celebrating the day.
  2. Hi Georgette, yes... not being able to engage in the forum would become problematic for me if I decided to put off reading the book until December. I haven't decided what I will do yet. I don't mind the odd spoiler because Sylvia has already released a few quotes and we always looked forward to that. If I did visit the site and came across a vital part of the book I could always leave the site. All I know is that I completed yet another re-read of all three crossfire books & I want both books 4 & 5 right now. I can only hope we get book 5 by spring. Maybe????
  3. Hi llurvegc, I haven't decided yet when I'm going to read the book. If I can stand it I might wait until my Christmas holidays, then the wait for the final book won't seem too long and also I can savour the book with a huge pot of coffee. As much as I want to devour book 4, I also want to see how the series ends. What shall I do..what shall I do???
  4. Hi BettyY37, this is why I love this site. Betty, that scenario didn't even occur to me in a whisper. I love all the banter that happens here. I do think that Sylvia has enough to write about with the trip to San Diego, the wedding, Corrine, Monica, & of course Gideon's demons. But you never know..I can't wait for this read!!!
  5. Hi IIurvegc, I agree with your train of thought. I am re-reading the series again & have just passed the section of the book you refer to. His temper, the angry music, etc in some way must be about Eva & a man. Maybe while in San Diego more info came out about Eva & Brett's past. Gideon is just as jealous as Eva. As for the bruises, haven't figured that one out yet.
  6. Hi Georgette, and Christopher could do more damage by bringing Corrine as his date. I can see the daggers in Eva's eyes already.
  7. Hi Skydive617, please do not feel bad about posting something that has already been mentioned and please continue to post. We are discussing three books here and it's difficult for anyone to remember every detail. In fact I am re-reading the series in preparation for the 4th release in November. I am currently re-reading Reflected in You and have come across info discovered by Eva's dad (a police officer) about one of her ex's. I honestly have no memory of reading about this. Welcome to the forum & have fun. We don't always agree with each others ideas or opinions but we respect each others right to have them. Hope to see you back here again.
  8. Hi agoodbook, I'm not sure about the theory with Daniel...maybe...I wasn't aware that they went out together (they were just introduced at the gym. My money is on Michael-he called her when he felt like it, didn't respond to messages over a full weekend & then when Megumi ignored his calls (did she actually break things off??? I don't recall)-anyway, I think he got pi*sed off & attacked her. I hope we get news of this early on in the book. Sylvia's quotes never mention Megumi.
  9. I agree jmhope, Eva has to realize that seeing Brett is the same as Gideon seeing Corrine, they are/were just friends too (as far as Gideon was concerned anyway). Ex-lovers as friends does not work with these two.
  10. I too would love to see more of Ireland in the next 2 books. I love how Eva brought them together through her first dinner / introductions with her father. Gideon seems to stay away from everything & everyone who still lives in or has anything to do with their family home due to the abuse. I doubt very much that Ireland has a clue about this and happy she doesn't while re-connecting with her older half-brother. I can also see Ireland being apart of the wedding party when they have their big public bash.
  11. Hi jmhope, I agree with you, but I hope not before she gets a big fat glimpse of Eva's engagement / wedding ring & Gideon's. She needs a reality check...you've been kicked to the curb Corrine!
  12. All of the comments by everyone sound great to me. Maybe they are also celebrating the death of the sex video as well!!
  13. I also only see the 4 items mentioned by everyone else, (thumb, basketball, dice & game board). Didn't Gideon earn the capitol to start-up his business by counting cards (while gambling) in Vegas? And he does own a few hotels there. Mmmmm. Only 8 weeks to go & then we'll all know!!!
  14. I love everything about the books but sometimes the most interesting parts are the actions of the social deviates, i.e. Anne, Deanna, Corrine & Christopher. Can't wait to see what they get up to. Of course I'm also on pins & needles to find out more about Gideon & his issues. I think there is a shocker coming!
  15. I also love these teasers...the book is coming, I can feel it! Yippee Sylvia, keep the teasers coming thank you!
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