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  1. Yay! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed Teagan and Garrett’s story. I love them so much and want such good things for them. Their journey breaks my heart. We’ve moved this topic to the Single Titles forum. Thank you for starting it! I’m going to butt out now, so you all can discuss freely... 🤗
  2. Hi! It was important to me that my readers could watch just Afterburn/Aftershock without committing to anything else they didn't want and Passionflix assured me that it would be available widely for anyone who wanted to purchase just Jax & Gia's movie. I haven't fully grasped all the logistics, but Passionflix has licensed streaming rights for their catalog of major studio romance movies only for specific territories. I can't remember if they said US only or North America only. For those who don't want to subscribe or unable to subscribe due to territory restrictions, Passionflix's original programming would be available to watch just by purchasing that one program (movie, series, etc.). So, if I understand it correctly, you'll be able to purchase just Afterburn/Aftershock via the Passionflix service without subscribing to a monthly commitment. You'll also be able to purchase the movie via the iTunes store or on Amazon and possibly other streaming services we didn't discuss. Eventually, DVD's will be available, too. Once purchase links become available, I'll be sure to list all the ways you can get the movie on the website. In the meantime, casting calls go out this week. I'll have our Jax & Gia to show you soon! Sylvia
  3. The important thing to note about this announcement is the bold and underlined word: "to be published following Day's upcoming Blacklist duology." These are two separate series. Lily doesn't work with a family record label, Ireland does. Hope this clarifies!
  4. Sylvia Day

    One With You

    Hi, Stelladeer. I'm not seeing a question here. If you have one, please let me know. My team doesn't give me updates on reviews, discussions, etc. Those are for readers, not writers.
  5. Well, the first scene from Chapter 2 was technically posted long ago:Â http://www.sylviaday.com/2015/06/15/one-with-you-excerpt-2/ There were some modifications during the writing process, which have been included. Readers in Australia and New Zealand will start receiving their downloads in a matter of hours, since it's already Monday there. From that point, downloads will start working their way around the globe until the US catches up timezone-wise, so there won't be any more excerpts or snippets posted. We weren't able to post many this time around, to avoid giving away spoilers or causing worrying speculations.
  6. Hi! The page count on the retailer sites isn't accurate at this time. I'm not sure when those guesstimates are updated to reflect the actual numbers. I've seen the typeset book, however, and the last page of One with You is page 462. In total, there are seventeen chapters in OWY, which is less than in the previous books, but most of the individual chapters are considerably longer. Not much longer now! 46 days...
  7. You can catch the last of this week's exclusive video #interviews on Heroes & Heartbreakers today!

  8. Sylvia Day's Dream Cast For 'Crossfire' on Access Hollywood Live!

  9. Sylvia Day's Dream Cast For 'Crossfire' on Access Hollywood Live!

  10. Sylvia Day's Dream Cast For 'Crossfire' on Access Hollywood Live!

  11. Sylvia Day's Dream Cast For 'Crossfire' on Access Hollywood Live!

  12. Sylvia Day's Dream Cast For 'Crossfire' on Access Hollywood Live!

  13. Â I'm not sure about the lengths of time listed and there are only 3 books in the Dream Guardians series, not 4, but the rest looks right. Â The Dream Guardians series isn't with a publisher, neither is Dangerous--which is a series of two very short stories (each installment is the length of two Crossfire chapters)--so they have to be fit in around my contracted works. Â The Sapphire Trilogy is with a publisher, who isn't sure they want me to continue with the series. Since they own the rights to it, until they decide I can't continue. Â The Renegade Angels is with the same publisher as Crossfire and they prefer that we all focus on Crossfire and not work on other series between Crossfire books. Â Hope this helps!
  14. Keep an eye out around 4 PM ET on Sunday...
  15.   No, the release of the last two Crossfire books aren't hitched in any way to the television series, which has been in development for over a year now. When I spoke with the producer last, it was mentioned that he expected the TV series would launch sometime in 2015 (if it happens - remember, Hollywood option deals sometimes never result in anything) and we talked about the fact that Crossfire would be over then and I would be in the thick of the Blacklist series at that time.   The finale of Crossfire is dependent solely on when I finish the story.   Sylvia
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