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  1. Please excuse me if this is not an appropriate topic for this forum or if it has been covered already. I'm new to this genre and have been completely seduced by these books. I've got to give them a rest for a while and need to find something else to read. EIY will be devoured all too soon and then there will be the long wait for #4. I've read some reviews and lists of supposedly comparable books, but haven't liked any. None had the depth of characters, lively sharp dialogue, and solid plot to go along with the erotic side. The only book I liked I picked up the other day from this group - Dublin Road. Read it last night and really enjoyed it, though nothing can compete with... Anyway, I've only been a member here for a couple of weeks, but reading everyone's comments, which are funny, literate, clever, and full of interesting background knowledge, makes me feel like recommendations from you all would really be worth having - as opposed to the kind of (to use Gideon's phrase) "spank bank" p*** with cringe inducing dialogue I've seen listed elsewhere. Just a place where people could add new titles we could investigate would be super.
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