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  1. In the context of Ireland drinking alcohol, which is when it comes up in the book, I think it's age 21 everywhere in the States - believe it or not.Â
  2. Regarding Deanna's job offer, I thought it was kind of a put down of her.  To me it was like showing her she wasn't worth bothering with or getting back at, and the job offer was just a small sop to her complaint of having lost the chance at big bucks. Also, didn't Eva say if she took a job with Crossfire she, Deanna, would have to sign confidentiality agreements and waivers and such? That would have been helpful for G&E, though they would never have been able to trust her. Not sure if I remember correctly, but I thought Deanna was just warning about the press release for the book coming out.  Haven't felt like rereading to check.Â
  3. Talking about Monica again, did anyone else predict that maybe Monica's deep dark secret was that, to support her baby (and perhaps scout for a rich husband), she was involved in some kind of upscale escort service in Las Vegas?  I know she married Barker first, but maybe that's also how she first came into contact with the "whale" husband.  Monica sounds unforgettable enough that all the men in her life were willing to take her any way they could get her.  Our long wait for the book gave me lots of time for predictions; can't say that any of the big ones came to pass (see above) but it was fun.  Anyone else have any failures to share?
  4. Seattle, that timeline looks right to me and that part of the whole Monica debacle is what bothers me most. If Victor got Monica pregnant how could he not have known at least some things about her background, including the fact she was married. Or did her sports car just break down while she was away on vacation??? But it couldn't just have been a short fling, or they must have stayed in contact for that girl baby name discussion etc.  Any way I look at it I can't see any way that Victor couldn't have been complicit or at least have condoned and concealed his knowledge from Eva.  And when did the name change happen?  Very muddled I am!
  5. I'm trying to think good thoughts about the series as a whole  - accentuating the positive, I guess to overcome my disappointment. Here are some of my thoughts:  lots of sympathetic and memorable characters, (though not too many nice women I have to say), and it's interesting our different favorites.  Some of you may remember that kill off a character game we played a couple of years back?  I wonder how the lineup would work out now. Sounds like Lucky might be right before Gideva. Of course we all love Angus, and he just kept getting better and better. But I have to confess kind of a jones - if that is the correct expression - for Raul.  Three scenes. First I love how he passed on Eva's eff you message when Eva refused Gideon's ride to the airport, then that little scene on the plane when Cary raises his voice to Eva in shock at her announcement. The way Raul just slightly turns his head in their direction, doesn't over react, doesn't need to say a word, but you know his attention has never wavered from Eva, however unobtrusive he is, and I loved his reaction to seeing Brett with that Golden double - "Awkward." All he needed to say and it was perfect. Then Arash.  New heart throb. If Eva ever gets her spanking, I'll bet it's after teasing Gideon past his limits with Arash. Arash better watch it, too!  Gideon and Eva were both really lucky in their therapists also - both so warm and believable. Don't know much about that kind of talk therapy, but I thought their advice/discussion/personas were really well done. Then Brett. I don't think anyone really agrees with me, but I think there was an abrupt change in his portrayal by the author. I think he was first shown as genuinely very fond of Eva and regretful of his treatment of her, though still somewhat cocky and immature. And I always felt that Eva kept leading him on, even though she was supposedly trying to come to terms with her past relationship with him. But by the third book he seems mean,spiteful, and dog in the manger-ish in actions and attitude. The idea that he was willing to take some advantage of that sex tape was really despicable. Maybe his portrayal was a natural progression , but it never felt quite fair to me. I realize I've maybe gone on a little too long here.  Would love to hear some other people's feelings about good/bad characters.Â
  6.  Re that business about the inconsistency of Gideon "tagging" those ladies in the VIP section, but then a short time later shushing Eva for talking  to loudly about getting laid - I've always felt that it was Gideon telling Eva to keep it down that seemed odd and sort of inconsistent with his persona, rather than him fooling around with some wild women at a wild party. There were at least a couple of times he referred to indulging aggressive women like that time in SoCal when he was on his way to Brett.Â
  7. I agree about the whole Monica business being a spoiler to the ending, along with the fact that the whole storyline of it was waaaay over the top and unrealistic. Maybe its only purpose was shock value. I, too, felt bad that Stanton's agony was practically ignored, especially after all he did for Eva, Monica , and even Cary. That still bothers me. The other "surprise" that didn't come together for me was the stalker entwined with Gideon business. Lord knows there were plenty of people who had reason to have grudges against the Cross family and could have been manipulated by Anne in a way that made more sense. People maybe less prominent than the Landon family - I thought that line was handled really well, and it didn't need a neat tie up, because it would continue to be a sort of chess match between Gideon and Ryan. Can't help feeling that, especially since most of us liked the majority of 5,  by the last quarter of the book Day just wanted to finally get things wrapped up and move on with her writing life. There has been continuous pressure on her to hurry up and get a move on - with each of her books, but especially this last one. And again, it's a tribute to her imagination and abilities that we've hung in so long and are still here digging into the story. I know I still have areas I'd like to hear about and have things to say and questions to ask.Â
  8. I suppose I must be mistaken since no one has mentioned it, but I thought it had been said that what's his name, the stalker guy, had taken that threesome photo.  I read  it so fast I can't quite remember if I'm just imagining things.Â
  9. One thing I thought was very clever of Day was to introduce the puppy as a partial solution to the on going problem of Gideon's violent nightmares. Â I don't know how much truth or science there is to it, but it certainly sounds plausible that a dog sleeping nearby might pick up on distress or some kind of bad vibes emanating from his master and provide an early warning wake up. Â Much nicer than just relying on pills and years of therapy. And, as Eva says, he's a source of unconditional love for someone who hasn't received much. Â Those beagle pics were SO cute!
  10. Read everyone's thoughts so far - very much in agreement.  Definitely the biggest problem was the way too convoluted and far fetched background provided for poor Monica. Could have been resolved in a much more reasonable way. I have to say it was a shock (made me kind of teary, too). If the author had told us that one of the very inner circle was going to be killed, I would have predicted first Stanton then Cary, then possibly Elizabeth. Monica wouldn't have crossed my mind. Well done Sylvia, I guess sniff sniff.  Big question, though. Why wouldn't Victor have known about Monica's background.  He must have been around the same area if he got her pregnant when she was married to Tramell.  Also the idea of her marrying her sister's rapist to provide care???  And if Victor knew, why did he let Eva think Monica was a sort of self-centered gold digger? Oh, well, it's not my book. One other area I hope someone can clarify for me because it has been quite a while since I read the earlier books - that is do we know if Anne Lucas ever knew the truth about what Hugh had done - given that he prepared a false narrative history that Anne had on the thumb drive.  Did she know (we're we ever told) that Gideon's threats precipitated Hugh's suicide?  Obviously her husband knew since he examined Gideon, but did she act the way she did just out of rage for his treatment of her?  Also I doubt whether the tapes of her sessions with Hall would ever have been admissible in a case against her, unless the rules for a civil or malpractice suit are different. But I certainly am no expert in that area. I have many other questions I hope other people will be addressing or explaining. Not just to be complaining or criticizing, but because we have all been so invested in the series and particular characters.  So even if we have some criticisms or arguments, kudos to Day for creating such a vivid and engrossing world with so many memorable characters and personalities.  I will miss Angus, Ireland, Clancy, Arash, Monica, and Raul in particular.  And of course Eva and Gideon.Â
  11. Stayed up until 12:30 waiting, but no book, so I went to bed. Found this morning it had been delivered at 12:45.  Just as well to have gotten some sleep. I'm a fast reader, so I've finished my first reading - though I kept trying to slow myself down because I didn't want it to end... First impressions - the first ninety percent or so of the book is just terrific!  How the author wove and handled all her threads was masterful, and I loved how Eva and Gideon handled all that was thrown at them. And I really loved the warmth and personality Day portrayed in so many of the secondary characters - they weren't just background, but people you really came to care about. Some of the twists were expected, but some very clever and unexpected, at least to me. My main problem with the book is the end felt too crammed and a little garbled. There were too many parts and characters that I felt needed further voice and resolution. Yes, in fact, there needed to have been at least one more book.  There was so much more that could have been explored and revealed  (revisited and resolved????!) Glad, however she didn't just end it with an epilogue and baby five or ten years down the road.  Best, I guess, to have left it to our individual imaginations. Besides, I can sympathize with what I might project to have been a desire to finally be finished after so many years.  Not to mention the uproar there would have been by all those people who kept about the series extension to five volumes!  All in all a  really great series with memorable characters; I look forward to reading more detailed comments and hashing over the story details and comments.  I am looking forward to a second re-reading when I can focus on the smaller intricacies of the story and not worrying about the ending. Â
  12. Hello All, It's been a long wait, but it's exciting to join the countdown.  It' s also nice to see names I remember from reading and posting about the earlier books - I'm sure there will be lots more over the next few days! There are so many threads to wind up - can't imagine how Sylvia will get it done in only one last book. I'm with those who wouldn't have minded a few more books in the series. It's a bit late for this now, but a couple of my wishes for this last volume are for Victor to end up with Detective Graves (great love or not, Monica couldn't handle life without money and Victor would always know it) and for Arnoldo to change his mind about Eva.  However, Arash has taken his place in my affections anyway! Best series, I've found since Crossfire is Kit Rochas Beyond series - though sadly there has still been some waiting around for the next volumes ????  But there are 8 books so far and some spin off novellas, so enough to keep anyone busy. The series wouldn't be to everyone's taste. - it's a dystopian setting, maybe 50 years in the future after a technological meltdown.  There's an enormous amount of sex, almost every possible combination, though not really any BDSM.  The books and characters keep getting better and better as you progress in the series.  I'm in love with at least 3 each of the male AND female protagonists!  And in addition, the writing, grammar, story consistency, etc. are all top notch. Looking foward to reading everyone's  OWY comments - SOON!
  13. Some comments and questions: I haven't reread first books for a while, but just how long were Corinne and Gideon together and engaged? Wasn't it mostly back in college? Still seems to me more like fodder for Page 6 than a book unless the person who had the cool idea about Landon being behind it is right. I'm confused about Brett's copy of the tape. Did Gideon's people erase it while he was meeting with Gideon? Scary thought about Anne getting her hooks into Cary. Re Anne's vendetta against Gideon - besides her fury about being used to get to her husband, could Dr. Lucas have told her that Gideon instigated her brother's suicide by false accusations? Very disappointed in Arnoldo. Had hoped he might end up with Shawna when (if) her fiancé stayed in Italy, but not sure he deserves her now. I miss hearing about her. Eva needs some friends she doesn't have to mother. Nervous about all the baby references. And I guess I'm an idiot, but I really couldn't quite figure out how that swing worked. Is there a you tube video of someone in one? Just kidding!!!
  14. Question: why would any publisher be interested in a book about Corinne's engagement to Gideon? Maybe one of the entertainment scandal sheets would be willing to pay for some interviews and her pictures, but really - a book? And why would she want to portray herself - even putting her best possible spin on it - as a wannabe adulterer, trying to scratch Eva and catch Gideon. Plus , she's still after Gideon and I doubt she's stupid enough to think putting him in the gossip columns is going to help bring him back.
  15. It's not so much that I was Team Brett, as that I kind of felt bad for him and felt that he was jerked around by Eva. After all, he realized he had cared for Eva, before he knew anything about where she was now or who she was with. Golden was certainly a sign of his feelings. And when he ran into her again he got mixed messages to say the least. And being somewhat of an alpha type, I'm sure getting pushed around by Gideon only made him more set on getting her back. After all, practically everyone around Brett and Eva was aware of some kind of chemistry and unresolved feeling between them. Unfortunately, he was not able to take no for an answer and his persona in the story goes downhill fast - fooling around with the Eva wannabe, getting involved with exploitation of that tape, and then accepting money for it from Gideon. Too bad, though. He was a sympathetically drawn character who morphed into a real pri*k in this volume.
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