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  1. Sylvia has gifted us with a little bit of GidEva today for Valentine's Day. Enjoy ladies.  http://www.sylviaday.com/2015/02/14/valentines-treat/ Â
  2. Sylvia's birthday is March 11th so I figured we could all drop in and send her our well wishes for an awesome birthday! Â
  3. This thread is being started so we can all have a place to put our questions that we want Sylvia to answer. Obviously she will not be able to answer all since we have two more book to go... YAY! Â Â My question still is what was with the back and forth between Gideon and Elizabeth regarding Cary at the garden party? Â Â It is obvious that Gideon and Angus have a very close relationship, will we find out more about it, it book 4 or 5?
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