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  1. Corrine was calm... like the calm before a storm. My only regret for Gideon here was that he didn't toss the pictures in the trash when she was standing there.
  2. It was shortly after she posted this. Sylvia Day #ThrowbackThursday teasers for #CBY last year I think I should do this again…
  3. ​I was happy with Gideon telling her, and finding out what the necklace was.
  4. ​I agree with you over the whole Mark thing. It infuriated me that after their night all was forgotten. I don't think she'll have both scenes in the book, but it certainly would be interesting look at both perspectives.
  5. I think everyone should go to www.sylviaday.com for a lovely treat.
  6. Sylvia has gifted us with a little bit of GidEva today for Valentine's Day. Enjoy ladies.  http://www.sylviaday.com/2015/02/14/valentines-treat/ Â
  7. Hi GiGi, Totally agree with you regarding Elizabeth. I'm hoping we get a clearer picture if her in OWY, but I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive the horrible way she's gone about dealing with Gideon and his abuse. The fact that she still has not apologized for not believing him has me so 😡. I have to give Gideon credit for even speaking to her at this point. I also have to agree with you regarding Sylvia having us so invested in these characters. It speaks volumes about her writing ability.
  8. I think February is possible if the book as Sylvia said is already written and edited. I also think there has been some talk by indie authors about capitalizing on the FSOG release and maybe having more readers interested in the genre. The sooner the better on one hand, but then that will end their story and I'll miss them.
  9. Hi GiGi, I didn't say that Elizabeth was overwhelmed. All I was trying to say was that Elizabeth was unable to deal with that fact that Gideon was being abused and this abuse had taken place right under her nose. Is there any excuse for it? Of course not. I wasn't trying to justify Elizabeth's actions at all. She'd rather see her son continue to be abused by a therapist she's welcomed into her home than admit that things in her life are much less than perfect. It's disturbing.
  10. Hi Ann. Sylvia drops by from time to time to say hi answer questions and chat. The last time was at the end of October (I think) so she does follow along. As for a release date I'm hoping by May since OWY is already written, but only time will tell.
  11. I don't know whether or not Cary has been warned, but he is aware that Dr. Lucas' wife is a shrink. In EWY Cary says, "Hey, remember how you asked me to do some digging on the Good Doctor Lucas? So far, I’ve come up with a whole lotta nada. He doesn’t seem to do much else besides work. No kids. Wife is a doctor, too. A shrink.â€
  12. I just want to make a general comment about Elizabeth. I feel like her admitting that Gideon was abused would be tantamount to admitting that she on some level failed him, and in her mind that would have made her a bad parent. It's much easier to think your troubled son is lying than to think that you've been blind to something of this magnitude going on in your child's life. Do I agree that it was her fault he was being abused...no. But like Eva stated the minute Elizabeth found out and didn't believe him she became just as guilty.
  13. Maybe I'm nuts, but I'd like to believe that we've heard pretty much the end of Brett. That showdown at their 'picnic' lunch spoke volumes and what need would Eva have to ever see him again? I'm with you Ann. Let's breakout the Krav Maga on Christopher. I can see him stepping out of line with Eva and her not being afraid to put him back in his d*mn place.
  14. I just checked and that is correct Sharon. Thanks. 😘
  15. I agree Sharon. Cary did research Lucas and noted his wife was a shrink.
  16. I was under the impression that the only hard copy left of the s*x tape was the one Gideon has. Didn't Gideon have all other copies wiped?
  17. I hadn't realized English wasn't your native language Ann so you've been doing great.
  18. Just to touch on Gideon being overwhelmed by Eva taking control during sex it in my opinion is literally a control issue. Being an abuse survivor Gideon has probably vowed to never not be in control sexually again. He was taken advantage of by someone who 'dominated' him. By being with all these women who are physically aggressive Gideon has been able to bring them to the f*ckpad and dominate them. Show them that they are at his mercy physically. While at the same time it mentally reminded Gideon that he was never going to be a victim again. Eva in the limo that very first time called the shots. It was the first time Gideon allowed someone else to control the when and the how. He broke his rules. To use one of Eva's lines he took a calculated risk by allowing her to 'top' him. For someone with his issues that is HUGE. It speaks volumes to the connection he felt with her and trust he had already begun to place in her.
  19. I think Anne will stop at nothing to hurt Gideon. hath no fury..,
  20. You're correct GiGi about the 72 hour hold. On top of that the psychiatrist would make the call as to whether or not the patient can be released and if we are correct in assuming Anne is the therapist here she obviously wouldn't think twice about releasing Corrine.
  21. You're correct GiGi about the 72 hour hold. On top of that the psychiatrist would make the call as to whether or not the patient can be released and if we are correct in assuming Anne is the therapist here she obviously wouldn't think twice about releasing Corrine.
  22. Agreed! It's my favorite scene in the whole book.
  23. I totally agree on all counts GiGi. I also think that Gideon values having someone who challenges him. Who has an opinion for lack of a better word. If he wanted a trophy he could have easily married Corrine or even Magdalena.
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