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  1. Sylvia is there for BEA at the Javis Center I'm sure. I'll keep my fingers crossed for news though.
  2. I was at the beach and I was still checking up on Gideon. I'm glad you were able to post the pic though. I didn't want GiGi to miss out, or anyone else that doesn't have a FB or Twitter.
  3. Thanks Barb I couldn't get it to post from my phone.
  4. https://www.sylviaday.com/2014/05/11/captivated-treat-4/ Â
  5. Tbidwell I understand your frustration with not having Gideon yet but i think something is getting lost in translation. I also find your posts abrasive. This is Sylvia's fan forum which she has set up so all of her fans can come to one place and interact with her and other fans. I'd hate for her not to frequent her own site because people are not being supportive.
  6. Thanks Sylvia and congrats to Jennifer. First the audiobook narrator and now Jennifer. Gideon Cross is inspiring baby making around the world.
  7. Thanks Sylvia. Will there be anymore Spreecasts coming up? Also can we have a tiny taste of Gideon today? You can't blame a girl for trying. :)
  8. I agree sscrph. BTY and EWY were a little bit easier to get through on an emotional level. RIY still has me in tears after reading it a gazillion times. So I think angsty and emotional is on its way.
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  10. JM just so you know there is a thread that I just post all CBY info, treats and teasers in so you can always look there too.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up Sylvia.
  12. Â I did see about a month ago on most European Amazon sites the date was 27 August tbidwell. I decided not to post it here thinking maybe it was inaccurate, but the longer it stays up the more I am thinking it's probably true.
  13. Sylvia Day ~ Author â€@SylDay "I missed you.” “I’m right here, angel. Come and get me.” :) — Sylvia Day • Author (@SylDay) March 30, 2014 " title="10:52 AM - 30 Mar 2014">36m "I missed you.†“I’m right here, angel. Come and get me.†#CaptivatedByYou #SneakSnippet #SylviaDay
  14. @SylDay: I sent Gideon a text. "I miss you." He texted back almost instantly. "Turn the plane around." #CaptivatedByYou #SneakSnippet #SylviaDay :)
  15. Sylvia's birthday is March 11th so I figured we could all drop in and send her our well wishes for an awesome birthday! Â
  16. Next Q & A with Sylvia will be March 13 at 3PM PT/6PM ET. If you want to join in you can RSVP here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113966663543512205573/events/cs3iptn2s0jh0dgk4f3i5m0c9dg
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