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  1. It was not the same day he met Nathan. Nathan doesn't show up until RIY, and Corrine is not in NY at this point. Eva is upset during the car ride because Gideon gave her back her apartment keys via Mark at the meeting and she is upset that Gideon is worried about his image. That he doesn't want her because of everything that happened with Nathan. We know that he's trying to protect her, but Eva's self esteem won't allow her to realize that is his motive. It's a very accurate reaction for someone who has survived that type of abuse.
  2. He met with Richard the day after Eva told Gideon about Nathan the day Eva and her mom were going to the therapy appointment.
  3. AGordon, I agree with a ton of what you have said. I want to discuss your last statement though. That party thing with Gideon and his mom has bothered me, and I have gone over, and over it. I found the wording "I thought you might like him" and then his "Just remember that he's Eva's friend, Mother. That makes him mine as well." odd. I felt like it was a double entendre with the "mine". I have never thought that Elizabeth was involved with Gideon's abuse other then ignoring it had been happening, but that statement continues to baffle me especially with one he makes later on. When Gideon and Eva are eating dinner at her place after Gideon goes for his appointment with Dr. Petersen, they begin discussing Gideon showing Mags the video of her and Christopher from the party. Eva asks Gideon what Magdalene thought and he says, "It's hard to see yourself being used that way. Especially by someone you think you know, someone who's supposed to care about you.". I keep wondering who he is talking about. The statement is one spoken by someone who knows the meaning of the words behind what he is saying. So who abused Gideon? Who introduced him to the BSDM? In RIY, when Gideon and Eva are driving back from Dr. Lucas' office he says "I was left alone with him more and more frequently.". Who is the "him" Gideon was left alone with more and more? At first I thought it was the doctoral candidate, but now I am thinking it's not. Is it Christopher or is it Chris (the step-father)? I don't think it's Christopher because he is younger then Gideon (by at least 6 years, so he can't possibly be the abuser) so that leaves me with Chris Sr.. It would explain why Gideon has controlling interest in Vidal Records, he wants to finally have the "control" over Chris. So is this who Gideon is referring to when he makes the statement at dinner? Which brings me back to Elizabeth. Did she really not know what was going on? Did she really chose to believe her husband over her son? What is the state of her marriage? From Gideon's comments about Cary I feel like he is eluding to his mother liking younger, good looking men. I don't know. I feel like every time I read I have more questions then answers.
  4. I think Sylvia responded to this on her FB forum... it was security that was with Gideon in his apartment.
  5. Did Nathan actually go to prison for what he did to Eva? I know there was money involved for Eva, which she doesn't touch.. but I don't remember reading anywhere that he was actually sent to jail. Sylvia..........? :)
  6. Sylvia said in another forum that Ace came from JD Robb's In Death Series.
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