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  1. Just to touch upon Cary. I don't hold it against Cary that he tried to get rid of Gideon. He's Eva's friend. Walking into her room and seeing her being attacked by her boyfriend, dreaming or not would certainly take a toll on someone. His only concern is Eva, and I don't blame him for that. Just like I don't blame Arnoldo for not liking Eva after the Brett kissing incident.
  2. Hi GiGi. I agree with what you've said about the no longer *I* but *we*. I will also admit that with such a short dating period it might have been a concept Eva didn't fully appreciate. I think you could be onto something with Eva subconsciously rebelling because of the lack of control. Having said that I'm not sure that Gideon telling her prior to doing it that the outcome with Mark would have been different. She would have felt boxed in regardless. Maybe if she'd know all the bulls*it Gideon was dealing with on her behalf she would have reacted a little differently, but he's trying to keep things from her so she doesn't get hurt. Eva has to realize that she is Gideon's weakness. If anyone can get to the "Ice Man" it's going to be through her. For her to think that LanCorp account just happened to land on Mark's desk is foolish. I understand that Eva doesn't want to lose who she is in their marriage, but at the same time she needs to find a balance. She's smart, and wealthy in her own right. She could very easily start her foundation and thrive on her own doing that. Again I know the end result of the fight justifies the means so to speak BUT as much as Eva wants Gideon to deal with his issues, she needs to realize she has some pretty unrealistic expectations about her independence now that she is Mrs. Cross.
  3. She really is a freaking loon, and I've also wondered how the heck we are going to get rid of her. Brett is a simple fix... he's going on tour and can spend his time with the Eva look alike. Corrine... she's tougher to get rid of. Do we believe she really didn't know about the baby? Maybe she will have a total psychotic break and spend the rest of her days heavily medicated in an institution.
  4. I also felt that way about Eva ladies. I don't understand some of her actions here and I get that her walking out on Gideon in the end was justified, but it shocked me to see that she really was so naïve about what her life as Mrs. Cross would entail. That she would have to make some concessions. I feel like Gideon's time has been monopolized by Eva clean-up and she seemed almost ungrateful.
  5. Ireland wasn't born yet. I think Chris Sr is because he wasn't told AND horrified that Lizzy didn't believe Gideon. Of course I'm sure he's also wondering about whether or not Christopher was also abused.
  6. [quote name="D500" post="32153" timestamp=" i Is it possible when he first had s** with Eva in the limousine, the big surprise to him was that he was able to function without any form of violence?
  7. I think Gideon always remembered his dreams. He was just to embarrassed and upset to recount them. Having said that I think Gideon dreaming and sharing is certainly helping him begin the healing process. The long term goal here is to have the nightmares stop and him and Eva sharing a bed.
  8. I think the gist of the convo was really that Cary's mom was a who used abortion as birth control and Cary doesn't want his kid thinking the same, but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Sylvia Day • Author (@SylDay) 11/21/14, 4:38 PM @sheensl The UK covers don't have significance to the stories. Only the U.S. covers tie-in.
  10. Just to put the cover question to rest... Sheena tweeted Sylvia yesterday about the significance if the UK cover and this was her reply: The UK covers don't have significance to the stories. Only the U.S. covers tie-in. — Sylvia Day • Author (@SylDay)
  11. Just to put the cover question to rest... Sheena tweeted Sylvia yesterday about the significance if the UK cover and this was her reply: The UK covers don't have significance to the stories. Only the U.S. covers tie-in. — Sylvia Day • Author (@SylDay)
  12. I agree Sharon, plus Cary said he had issues getting it up with her. ðŸ™Å
  13. Seattle I believe he was referring to Gideon's sick day after the Chris Sr. incident.
  14. I think Gideon introduced himself to Christine at the fundraiser the night before as Eva's fiancé. I just thought Eva didn't want them to think she was marrying because she was pregnant.
  15. Hi Gigi! Â Here are the lyrics for the Lifehouse song if anyone else is interested. I was going to start a separate thread for it, but I don't know that there is enough music involved here to warrant it.
  16. I agree on all accounts Sharon. I really liked Arnoldo in the previous books, but he seems to be holding a grudge against Eva and Gideon has moved on so why the can't he. I really adored Arash.
  17. I'm hoping that Maggie tries to talk some sense into Corrine. I do think that she is genuinely concerned about Gideon's happiness.
  18. I love that Lifehouse song. Thought it was very appropriate.
  19. I also want to mention that I found it very odd that Elizabeth cancelled lunch.
  20. I agree with everything you've said especially with the feelings about Eva.
  21. I thought perhaps it was the day Gideon's father killed himself. Â I'm re-reading sme, but have to really agree with your assessment of Eva. How on earth does she not realize her life has to change? Marriage changes everyone's lives, but marrying one of the 25 wealthiest men in the world; surely that brings a ton of change to the 'average' girls life. I think her naivety is what really bothered me here.
  22. Â Â You're welcome. I feel like I'm counting the minutes! Lol.
  23. I have to do a little bit of research, but I think the gambling age in Vegas wasn't 21 until 2003. Considering 'Bared to You' was first released in 2012 I think it's possible Gideon could have won that money when he was only 18ish.
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