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  1. I'm confused as to why it's there too, but happy for the taste of GidEva. Carol this is the spoiler thread so you can feel free to discuss. I will once again remind anyone reading these posts from this point forward 🌟🌟THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. 🌟🌟
  2. Sometimes Georgette Sylvia will post it in here. If not I will put the link here as soon as I see it's gone up. Her post on FB today said Tuesday!
  3. I'm sure that since we are close to release the others will be popping back in.
  4. Since we will be getting chapter 1 this week, I figured I would start this thread. There will be spoilers throughout this thread so proceed with caution.
  5. Skydive you should always post. Most of us enjoy the discussion and we all can't remember every detail of the book. No worries.
  6. I see no baby. I see a man signing papers with a wedding ring on looking like he's wearing a boutonniere. I see a woman with a high powered lens camera in what appears to be a park, well some area with trees. That is the extent of what I see.
  7. Â I have to agree sscrph. I feel like this book is going to be about Eva being there for Gideon. Sylvia has said several times that the first 2.5 books was getting Eva strong so she can now be a rock for Gideon. Even when he was so distant from her in RIY she never gave up on him so I have to believe that she is in this for the long haul. Plus from a legal perspective I believe they couldn't be signing divorce papers because you have to be separated for a year before you can actually file for divorce in NY.
  8. Monopoly board... so I say buying property. The right side looks like a face to me. I'm looking on my phone though.
  9. This is actually a quote from Bared to You, but Gideon makes me melt.
  10. We have a date November 18th! Preorder is up for the UK, I am assuming the US will have one up shortly.     http://amzn.to/1oQQHLK
  11. Sylvia has said before that Eva's ring was inspired by David Yurman's Crossover Ring.
  12. I doubt that. Sylvia said during a Spreecast that the date would be announced about 6 weeks before release.
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