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  1. Yeah, I agree, we all don't like Corinne cos she sounds like the kind of women who are sweet and "never says a bad word about anyone" in front of men but are catty inside. Annoying esp since Gideon falls for it..(Like Elena to Christian in Fifty Shades)

    hope there will be a showdown in Entwined where Gideon will see her true colours..

    I agree with ya here, though I'm not liking Corrine at all, she is B**ch!! 

  2. Hi LN,

    There is one thing I think everyone forgets about these cases. The detectives notes are not sealed and all a person would need to do is look to see who the detective was on that case. A detective always gets to keep his/her notes. Even after a law enforcement officer retires, they keep their notes. A police officer/detective, lawyer, etc. could simply ask the detective who investigated the initial complaint who the victim was in that case and could get around the "rape shield law", which quite frankly isn't worth the paper it has been written on (meaning that there have been so many challenges made to that law that is has more holes in it than swiss cheese).

    I also just thought of something else. If Gideon and Eva get married, can a spouse be forced to testify against his/her partner? My thought is no. Does spousal priviledge not apply? Those are just my thoughts. I look forward to the discussion. Thanks.


    Also when Nathan died the all that happened to Eva and Nathan those files were unsealed, or so I believe. But I also don't have the knowledge about such things. We will see in the next book, so can't wait for EYI! :) By the way welcome to the group GiGi   :)


    Hi everyone, my name is GiGi and this is my first posting on this website. I have to say I absolutely love Sylvia Day's books. With that said, I wanted to respond to a few things you mentioned.

    1. Eva is already represented by a lawyer. Her dad made sure of that when the detectives first came to question Eva about the murder. Therefore she cannot be subsequently questioned without legal counsel present. That legal privilege remains in place and will stand during the duration of the investigation or until the case is resolved.

    2. There is no statute of limitations when it comes to a murder case. Therefore that case will remain open and unsolved, until law enforcement finds the person who committed the crime. I agree that the detective wouldn't sweep a murder under the rug.

    3. Due to the fact that the police has no evidence against Gideon and that he has given a complete statement, the police cannot continue to question Gideon. It would then violate his constitutional rights. Unless the police has the probable cause that avenue of questioning is now a dead end. The only hope that the police have is to see if Gideon and Eva are together or apart, which it appears that they are now apart.

    4. I think as far as the murder of Nathan is concerned, if Gideon did commit the murder, he did not do it alone. My money is on Victor. Who else but a long standing ex-law enforcement officer would know the inns and outs of how to commit a crime without leaving evidence behind or would know how to stage a crime scene.

    If Eva's dad was any good at his job, red flags would have been raised when detectives showed up at her doorstep to question her about a murder. I do not believe for one second that Victor would not have noticed when Eva lost all her colour, stumbled and nearly passed out. My bet would be that as soon as all the hoopla settled down for the night, Victor would have been on his cell phone calling one of his colleagues who are still in the "business" to find out about this Nathan character. Or he could possibly contacted Monica about the incident. I simply do not think that this issue is cut and dry. I do not believe that Gideon would drag other people into this mess and I most certainly do not believe that he would tell Eva exactly what his plans were and how he went about planning and staging the murder of Nathan. I do not believe that he would firstly want to burden Eva with that kind of information and secondly I do not believe that he would provide evidence that could possibly put Eva in a situation where she might be forced to testify against him.

    5. As for Gideon answering the phone at the police station, it lends to his credibility of having stated that he and Eva were broken up. I do not believe that he looked devastated in the least. It would behove him to remain calm and passive, as he had stated earlier to the detectives that he and Eva had broken up and as was witnessed on the surveillance footage from The Cross Towers. It was Eva who wore her emotions all of her face when she and Gideon were on the "outs-or so she thought" which is why her statement was so believable.

    Those are just my thoughts. I look forward to everyone's comments and the discussion.


    I agree with ya, but when the police left Eva went to her bedroom & locked door, now he's my thinking..when Gid. came back in Eva was in her room.. so Victor was or so I think maybe he was feeling feel to ask Gid. all about this and who knows what was talked about then. My thoughts!  :)

  4. He might have planned to have gone back to the party ("I cant leave") when he rushed out after her. So he could've gone up and privately made a phone call to Corinne to inform her that she will have to make her way home? Sounds more "realistic" than going back for his medications, surely?

    Why would he need her to find a ride home..Corrine did not arrive with them, she would have her own ride home, don't ya think? Also why would he (Gideon) need to call her? :)

  5. I think we are all equally upset about the date change. It is what it is though.

    You'll get your HEA. Sylvia is a romance writer and has already said they will have their happy ending. She is as invested in these characters as we are, and wants them to work on their issues and find their way together.

    Very well said..although so in need for me eva & Gid. Love..Love them!! :)

  6. What did Gideon do when he went back into Eva' s apartment at the end of Bared to You?

    Because they were at the party where Eva met Corrine for the first time, also throught threw the book he was always chasing after Eva...she left after there little tiff between Gid. & Terry...so she texted him stating "not running, just leaving" That's my take on that!! ;)

  7. Gideon did NOT sleep with Corrine. Of that, I'm convinced.

    As for the cops, they've been unable to break his alibi about being at the hotel, even though they've tried repeatedly. Detective Graves told Eva as much. But she (Graves) also knows Gideon's act of leaving Eva to run back to Corrine was just that -- all an act. Graves saw Gideon's face when he was on the phone with Eva as Eva dumped him, how utterly devastated he was. (It was really stupid of him to answer his cell phone at the police station - he ended up giving himself away.)

    The detective's supposed motive for talking to Eva was "so you could go back to him." Caught off guard, Eva foolishly thanked

    Detective Graves. Graves wasn't being nice. She was setting a trap, I think - a trap to trick Eva into going Gideon and him confessing to Eva it's all true, he did kill Nathan. Then the police would try to force Eva to testify Gideon confessed, maybe try to haul her before a grand jury, force an immunity deal onto her and leave her one of two choices: testify about what Gideon told her, or go to jail herself for obstruction of justice. The cops have zero evidence physical evidence linking Gideon to the murder, and they can't break his alibi. Their only hope left is a confession. He'd never confess to them. So they want to lure him into confessing to someone else - to Eva.

    I agree with you about not sleeping with Corrine, here's my thought though...why when Eva went to see Corrine why when she answer the door (Corrine) was she in a black robe? Numberous times Gid. would give Eva a black robe...hmmm:) Also I'm hoping how sexual he is (Gid.) and the time they spent apart, who was he having sex with? Hopefully himself!!

    I don't agree  with about the police though, maybe just me hoping. :)

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