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  1. I soooo agree on Tom W. OH MyGOSH Totally Gideon...TOTAL A BABE!!!!
  2. Oh my gosh..that fisrt chapter had me going..phew can't wait for the book..Thanks for the first Sylvia!!
  3. how about this..my hearts beats for you.....my body, my hands, my lips  they only live to serve you...sorry these are not mine but i love it just the same!!!
  4. How about your ..my life, my world & my heart or my arms are your safe haven..my heart is your home...hmm..Aren't I a little corny!!
  5. I would love for more in these series..I have both and re-read them always...although I love your book's period..You are my all time favorite author.. I have two others I enjoy but your books I absolutly love...Thank you so much!!
  6. I'm sorry excited.. I just can't wait until june 4th..
  7. Here is a snippet from Sylvia Day on her facebook... ENJOY!!  http://www.sylviaday.com/2013/02/07/entwined-snippet-7/#.URPcGS5HUvI.twitter
  8. Can you post it, please...the snippet? Thanks!
  9. I agree with ya here, though I'm not liking Corrine at all, she is B**ch!!Â
  10. Where is this tweet? I'm not a follower in tweet's.... LOL
  11. Also when Nathan died the all that happened to Eva and Nathan those files were unsealed, or so I believe. But I also don't have the knowledge about such things. We will see in the next book, so can't wait for EYI! Â By the way welcome to the group GiGi Â
  12. I agree with ya, but when the police left Eva went to her bedroom & locked door, now he's my thinking..when Gid. came back in Eva was in her room.. so Victor was or so I think maybe he was feeling feel to ask Gid. all about this and who knows what was talked about then. My thoughts! Â
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