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  1.  Lacey and Martin did have one date.  In previous posts I was thinking Michael and Chris Jr were one in the same.  We will see.
  2. Â The oldies have which includes me.
  3.  The wedding was a few years ago.
  4. Â I believe the Tavern on the Green did reopen. Â I was at a Christmas reception there and absolutely beautiful buy anything for his Eva.
  5.  I remember us having these convos back then.  We all know Lizzie is delusional.
  6. Â Everyone can always use a good picture whether for bedtime or not.
  7.  This is actually for all the Ponzi schemer questions.  First this is handled by the FBI.  It also depends on the monies involved and such.  Madoff got 150, others have gotten 20 or 40 - all depending on the monies involved.  Ponzi schemers are too selfish to kill themselves but we also have to understand this book is not real life.  I've always had in the back of my mind that he was murdered but we will soon find out. Hopefully sooner than later.
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