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  1. I had to go back and review.  I loved chapter one too.  The description of the city waking up around them just as they were restarting their relationship on new terms is excellent.  Monica's reaction to Eva's plan to get more exposure definitely comes across as a woman in fear of exposure so you can't wait to find out what she is afraid of.
  2. That works for me because the other books have been done chapter by chapter.  Anyone can refer to the previous books if they need to to make a point.   CHAPTER ONE I recall Eva feels she may have pushed Gideon to change when she was not willing to do so.  She thanks him for giving her "space" while she worked out her feelings regarding Mark working for Crossfire Industries.  I thought Monica's concern that Eva or Gideon was having an affair was cute and interesting.  Eva telling her mother about the elopement and Stanton easing Monica's concern about a prenup was well done.  I like that Eva asked her mother for help with Corinne.Â
  3. I like the idea of Victor moving to New York to be close to Eva. Â I would have kept Raul in charge of Eva's security and hired Victor to oversee security at my buildings if I were Gideon. Â Raul is far more knowledgeable about what has been and is going on. Â I would not want to wait for Victor to get up to speed I like that too. Â But do you mean from Bared to You or just One With You? Â
  4. Although there are  foreign publications that have not been released yet, many (maybe most) of sylviaday.net  members and follower have finished all five books in the Crossfire series.  This forum is an opportunity to specifically talk about what we might have chosen to write that is different or support what we think is perfect just like it is.
  5. Wish Lionsgate had started casting earlier but I just saw Tyler Hoechlin on the Today Show and he looks like a good candidate for Gideon...or Arash...or Manuel http://i0.wp.com/popwrapped.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/tyler-hoechlin-teen-wolf.jpg  He is 28.
  6. My biggest problem with Monica's story was I do not recall any information on how she supported herself, her sister and Eva once she left her in-laws until she married her second husband, Nathan Baker's father. Â In One With You, Monica left the Tramells pregnant with only the clothes on her back. Â I recall Eva referred to Barker as her mother's first husband in Bared to You, so she did not marry to Eva's knowledge. Â I know Eva was born before her mother married Barker (she says Monica had a kid in tow) but I cannot recall if her age is stated. Â Did anyone read about that time and I just missed it?
  7. Having read the entire series from beginning to end during the past week, I wonder after finishing the fifth book for the second time if the whole story was outlined in 2012
  8. As has been stated by most readers who have commented here, the end was a shock.  I have read similar reviews everywhere.  I have only read two books by Sylvia Day .that were not part of the Crossfire series so I do not know her style.  That being said, I have read hundreds of romance/erotic romance/erotic novels during the past few years.  For me, One With You reads like an edgy Nora Roberts.  If I had been reading one of Nora's books what happened to Monica would not have been as much of a surprise. Normally I would have expected the lives of all the characters to be tied up with neat ribbons but I think Sylvia said in an interview about this book that might not happen.  I, therefore, was not surprised to find so many characters unfinished....too many for my early expectations of the series. A sixth book that provides a traditional/typical ending would take away from what I consider a unique ending to the Eva/Gideon story.  We are left to fill in the future for ourselves. My comments should not be construed to imply I am happy.  I wanted a warm, fuzzy HEA.  I do thank Sylvia for a special reading experience that makes Crossfire a standout among the books I have read.Â
  9. Thanks to all of you contributors for the conversations regarding Crossfire. Â It has been a pleasure. Â Talk to you again after you finish!!!
  10. If One With You ends in September, it is going to be a very busy month for Eva and Gideon as well as everyone around them!
  11. Listened to interview.  Sylvia's feelings about finishing the Crossfire series was interesting.  Glad she confirmed the television series and that work has been going on since 2013.  I like her statement that a television series format allows for the full presentation of  secondary characters.  Movies are usually less than two hours per book.
  12. Rereading Naked in Death after many years. Â I did not remember Roarke was 6'2" with black hair and blue eyes!
  13. Conversation about Christopher Junior! Â Interesting plot concept....I like it. Â Glad you took the time to post that idea. We will find out if Sylvia was thinking like you very soon.
  14. Go Chris!!! I know Gideon said he heard his mother tell Chris Senior about the abuse but if he did not know, what was that conversation about?
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