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  1. Although there are  foreign publications that have not been released yet, many (maybe most) of sylviaday.net  members and follower have finished all five books in the Crossfire series.  This forum is an opportunity to specifically talk about what we might have chosen to write that is different or support what we think is perfect just like it is.
  2. On August 5, 2013, Lionsgate acquired the television rights for Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series.  While picking the actors who play the characters maybe a pipe dream as was demonstrated by the casting of Fifty Shades Of Grey, we fans can use this forum to express our preferences for many other things.  I would hope that we could receive consideration for "fan favorite" scenes, dialogues and concepts as well as music, my personal favorite.  We know, I hope, that  Sylvia will write her story of Gideon and Eva no matter how many suggestions we list for the last two books on this forum.  But we also know some of us will see our choices from her books portrayed in the television series.  Since the publication date for Captivated by You has not been released as of today, we can fill our time by making suggestions from the first three books for now.  I do not want to be a party pooper so do fill free to post your personal choices for actors to play any character you like.  Have Fun!!!!  PS For actors, remember Gideon is 6' 2" so hopefully your picks will be at least 6'.
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