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  1. That was Eva asking her mother whether Richard Stanton had arranged Nathan's killing -- had hired a hitman in other words.
  2. She's nearly as guilty as Gideon was leading Corrine on -- her actions giving Brett hope he has a shot, just like Gideon talking to Corrine on the phone so frequently gave Corrine enough "hope" she left her husband and moved back to New York. Why is Gideon not freaking out at this point. IMHO it's a combination of trusting in Eva's love and such guilt over what he did to Eva with Corrine that he feels he has zero right to criticize Eva for spending time with her ex.
  3. Oh good, the snapshots are back! All but the final few weren't accessible yesterday morning when I looked for them.
  4. Most of the Entwined snapshots are gone now, apparently along with the snippets, from Sylvia's main website, so I've just been getting the ball rolling, sans picture, about the chapter of the day. This thread has gotten more informal anyway now, because it would appear everyone on this site has already had a chance to read the entire novel. Twice. Three times. Ahhhhhhh ..... but it's still fun to examine each chapter individually.
  5. Hi Tese, welcome!!! Thoughts on your two questions: #1 Guilt is the hold Corrine had over Gideon. Eva pointed that out to Gideon when the pair of them talked about Corrine at Eva's apartment after the fundraiser where Eva (and Gideon) had gotten ambushed by Corrine. Eva pointed the guilt factor to Gideon again weeks later during the conversation where Eva pointed out to Gideon he had nothing to feel guilty about, given the dirty tricks Corrine played. #2 Corrine had shown up unannounced in the Crossfire lobby the day of the "nooner" stunt. But at the time, Gideon was dealing with another, f
  6. I'll be off on vacation this weekend (on holiday as you U.K. ladies like to say) and will be away from my computer for much of it. Who would like to volunteer to help move along the chapter of the day tomorrow and on Sunday. Anyone?
  7. My guess is that Angus was aware of the accusations and the exams by the two doctors -- and was aware the Vidals concluded Gideon was lying. Hugh, the coast now being clear, further escalated the sexual assaults upon Gideon, and Angus caught him. And did something particularly nasty. But then, knowing Gideon's mother and stepfather had already failed -- twice -- to protect the child and were trying to avoid the involvement of outside authorities, Angus took the law into his own hands to deal with Hugh, then became Gideon's protector for the remainder of Gideon's childhood. If I were Angus, I
  8. I'm hoping that we we get the name of the title, we're getting the publication date too!!!  Known publication dates coming up (this is from www.sylviaday.com) Thurs. Aug. 15: Afterburn Tues. Oct. 15: Spellbound Tues. Nov. 12: Aftershock  Crossfire Four??? Thurs. Dec. 12?  If I'm right, I'm buying us the first round of drinks at Primal!!!
  9. Â Better Brett indirectly in their lives than Baby Mama From H.e.l.l. T.w.a.t.i.a.n.a
  10. My own theory about the timeline of the two pediatricians: Â The first one examined him and found no physical evidence, because hand jobs would leave no marks. He got persuaded to break the rules/laws to involve outside agencies anyway. Hugh continued to get access to Gideon and further escalated things Lizzie became uneasy, because Gideon seemed to be getting worse Hugh sought to reassure Lizzie, telling her his brother-in-law is a pediatrician -- he'll get Terry to discretely examine Gideon without having to run the risk again state child protective services would get involved. Hugh co
  11. Â Too, the morning after the flipping-the-bird incident, Eva showed up on Corrine's doorstep, a confrontation that ended with Eva reminding Corrine that Gideon was in love with her (Eva) and telling a now-angry Corrine she pitied her. Â That was Tuesday morning. Starting Wednesday night, Gideon quit coming home at night. Corrine lived right around the corner from his penthouse -- I'll bet she stalked the entrance.
  12. New Even Stronger Eva suspects the suicide attempt was a stunt -- and when Eva is clear-headed instead of blinded by insecurity, her intuition almost always is spot on. Very much Victor's daughter. Â From the bottom of page 339 to top of 340, as Eva held a Gideon who was feeling "cursed" Â "I hated Corrine so much in that moment I felt violent. She'd known Gideon's father had committed suicide. If she knew Gideon at all, she would know how much her attempt would devastate him." Â For weeks now, perhaps months -- maybe years -- Corrine has been preying upon Gideon's guilt. Not knowing
  13. Cary, with "more than casual interest" asked Brett -- almost as soon as they got into the limo together -- "How's Erik?"Â Â The Sixth-Ninths band member that Eva suspects is straight but had sexually experimented with Cary. Maybe Erik is, like Cary, bisexual? Plus Erik supposedly is "dealing with some issues" -- meaning he could be someone who "needs" Cary? Cary has been with T.w.a.t. because she "needs" him, Cary explained to Eva. Â Is Erik going to be Cary's happily ever after? Trey can't handle Cary being bi instead of gay, and Tat is a b**** who I suspect is lying about the fact she
  14. Â I agree with you, Rogue, that the suicide attempt was a manipulation stunt. It was on par with Corrine breaking the engagement seven years ago in an attempt (that backfired) to make Gideon fight for her. Even Gideon recognized the engagement stunt as an effort to force him to change -- and for Gideon to be able to recognize that, given how clueless he can be about women, Corrine had to have pulled something pretty bad back then. Â More recently, Corrine had been manipulating him into feeling guilty he was somehow to blame for her marriage. Under the guise of "needing a friend" she was p
  15. Â I still can't figure out why she's all of a sudden worried about her b.u.t.t. because she'd noticeably lost weight during the two-plus weeks of the worst of the h.e.l.l. Â It wasn't until week three got going that she got an appetite back. Â He lost weight, too, she noticed when she had a rare opportunity at their love nest to look at him when he was fast asleep - she noticed it and new lines on his face.
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