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  1. Dear Sylvia, Now that HOTN is out, can you please tell me if it will later be release in hardcover or will it just be out as paperback? I'm asking is because Nicole Jordan has her books out in paperback first and will later have the hardcopy out. I just wanted to know so that I will decide to wait to buy it or not. I'm really looking forward to reading this "Dream Guardian" series. Will you be writing more of them? I hope so, this series are just to die for!!! Wishing you the very best of everything this 2008! Toni Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Tiger Lady


    And children? Will I get to see Aiden's and Lyssa family member grow?
  3. Tiger Lady


    Dear Sylvia, I’ve just gotten a copy of “POTN” and it took me two whole days to finish the book. I was so glued to it that I could not put it down once I started it. From the first page to the last, all I can say is that it was a sensational!!! HOWEVER, it did cause me a lot of tissue. You almost broke my heart when Aiden was leaving Lyssa. I cried and cried and cried. At first, I thought that this is one of those books with out a happy ending. But then I remember that in your last book, it didn’t end that way. So, I kept on reading. Which was the right decision; because if I left off then, I would never have known that they’d get back together. Oh, what the heck. You wrote it, so of course you know the story. Where was I, oh yeah! I wanted to ask about this “Dream Guardian” series. Will it go on for a long time, something like Christine Feehan’s “Dark” series? Will any other characters be written about? Other than Connor, cause he’s next. Will the story be just like “POTN”? Because if it’s so, I’ll definitely need a bigger box of tissue. Will you be mentioning (in future books) about Aidan and Lyssa? I would like to know if they will ever have any children. I am hoping and praying that you would let them. Okay, I think that’s enough questions for the day. Better stop before you get too sick of my questions. So, I’ll email you (again) when I get my hands on the rest of you books. Which is coming soon to the post office near you (or in this case, me). Love, Toni
  4. I mean the improvement is just terrific. The graphics are so smooth and the quality of the pictures are a lot cleares. Just great!!! Or did I just imagine all this by myself. Must be old age.............or something. What ever. Tiger Lady
  5. Dearest Sylvia, Thank you so much for the link. However, they only sell to US residents only. Too bad for me. Thank you again for your assistance. Too bad about Catching Caroline.....hope I can get a chance to read it some day. Also, will Dream Guardians's book 2, will it be published in Hardcover as book 1 or not? It would be too bad for collectors like me to have one in hardcover and the other not. Sorry for always bothering you with this kinds of questions. Love your books lots! Toni
  6. Dear Sylvia, I'm having a heck of a time ordering your book through my bookstore. Can you please let me know how many of your books are printed in hard cover and how many is paperback? I've been trying to order all your books in hardcover and it seems they have no idea what the heck I'm talking about....This is **sigh** getting to be a boring subject between me and the store. I don't want to loose my temper but they're really pushing it. So, finally, I was able to find one of your books on ebay. It was Pleasures of the Night. I can hardly wait for it. By the way, do you have a special store where they sell autograph copy? Just asking....incase you do, I can go through them for your books. Also, when will Catching Caroline be printed? I like my books in printed version. Thank you. Have a nice day! Toni
  7. Hello, I'm new here. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I have just discovered your book and again I have fallen in love. I am crazy about historical romance. I did send you an email. Looking forward to reading more and more of your books soon. I love romance, almost any kind and type. I have a lot of favorite authors. You're now on the top 5! A fan from afar! Toni
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