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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope Im on the correct thread. I love the plots  by the way here are some of my thoughts.  I think Anne Lucas is Corrine's doctor. The red head said she knows two women whom Gideon made go into severe depression. 1 Corrine 2 ? I think Deanna took the bractlet and gave to the mob guy. Reason is she is a reporter, and the guy was killed because someone told he was having sex with the mob guy's underage daughter. Who is the guy Ireland is dating?  Could it be Anne Lucas nephew? What happened to Anne Lucas brother's wife and son? Deanne and Anne or both unstable women . Personally, I didn't see Corrine taking the easy way out. I saw her as feisty not the suicide road. Megumi is in a domestic abuse relationship I think
  2. I don't think victor and Monica will have a fling. Victor seems to to be a stand up guy n dad he wouldn't do that to himself or to Monica . Plus he loves eva to nuch to set that example for her. I think as her dad he will be hurt that he couldn't support his daughter through her trauma of rape.
  3. I love all the plots you ladies have come up with. I hope the dad comes back in book 3. I didn't care for snippet six , I think after everything they have been through the jealousy should stop. The new date p,ease don't mention I got a migraine from that yesterday .
  4. Thanks. I see Sylvia still hasn't got back to us with any info since she last posted her statement on Facebook .
  5. Has there been any update on the release of EIY?
  6. That's what I think the ponzi . But his mother said she took him to two doctors.
  7. Valgirl I just checked my preorder on kindle and on iTunes iBooks and it has changed to May 2013. I had seen everyone on Facebook this weekend saying they received emails from amazon this weekend. I'm waiting patiently on a confirmation from Sylvia .
  8. Has the release date been changed to May 2013??
  9. hi I would like to chat about the book also.
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