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  1. Hey Hey Hey Ladies and Gents  I did read Afterburn but I was on Vaca so I didnt stop in.. With that being said I'm here now... Love this book..!!!!!  Does anyone NOT trust any of these ppl.? I can't shake the feeling Jax didnt expect to fall in love with Gia, and before he realized it, it was already setup to get Gia and Lei together to try and franchises the Rossi family business. Something fishy going on. He keeps saying "that's what we do screw ppl over" hmmm  If Ms Denna can find dirt ob Gideon she better get much more on Jax..!!!
  2. Â I think this book is going to be FIRE...!!! I can't wait, it might come close to being in the running with Gideva..!
  3. Â I've had mine preorder for a while now, and considering she put the snippet out yesterday might as well start talking about it.
  4. Since this is a new seires and these Two books will keep us busy until Captivated By You is released I thought maybe we could focus on this for now. Â What does everyone think.?
  5. After he (Cary) Eva banging all night (chapter 1) he figured it was Gideon.. So yea I'd agree with you the phone and watch didn't set off any alarms with him..!! Like he said I thought Eva was thinking he would judge her if she told him she was back with Gideon so I think that's why he stayed quite so long.!
  6. A burner phone can be the same a your regular phone, for instance I have an iPhone 5 with sprint, I could kill my contract with them and go to Walmart and pay 699$ for the same phone only I'd have to,buy a chip to go in it, I could have the Same phone with a different number and no one question it by just looking at the phone..! As far as the watch I think Cary knew like he said "I knew it was cross because no one can bang all night long like him" maybe not in those words..!! But I'm sure he put 2+2 together especially after Mommyca told him what Eva said about moving in with Gideon.!
  7. Honey I'm lost, so many different things has been said.. I gotta find what we were talking about..!
  8. Lol.. I'm on my phone so I couldn't bring the picture over..!!
  9. My order is chapter 18, 15 and then 19 I like 15 more than 19 because Gideon finally told Eva what she wanted to know. He said "ask me Eva NOW" . I love how he was ready to open up..!!
  10. Sometimes you might get a faster answer if you tweet her..!
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