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  1. I have a theory. I think Captivated by You will be like Reflected In You. This will be the most painful story from Crossfire Series. And book 5 will be like Bared to You and Entwined with You. The final series will have happy ending so it should be like it.
  2. Hi everybody, Â This man could be Gideon. His height is 6' 2" and has "dark and dangerous" looks. Â
  3. Â You're not wrong. My guess is book 4 will come out in May or June 2014.
  4. Hi everybody, Â I want to recommend Glass Towers Trilogy and Her Power His Shame series by Adler and Holt. That books are erotic romance with slick suspense thriller. I think all Crossfire lovers will love that books.
  5. I don't think so. If Corrine really killed Nathan then she will blackmailed Gideon. After all, Sylvia already told us that Gideon is the one who really killed Nathan.
  6.  That news is true. It stated in IMDB. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0147147/bio
  7. Â I think Sylvia still waiting until Captivated By You is in production or possibilities release date before she release any snippets. If the book is not yet in production, it can make any snippet change drastically with what will be in the book. Â Also I think Sylvia wants to promote her another books. Any snippets or clue of Captivated By You will make any potential readers distracted. Â For me, it's fine whether I have to wait 3 months or 1 year more for Captivated By You as long as Sylvia promises to finish Crossfire Series and not left us hanging. Because it happens, when I read her book "In The Flesh". The ending is like the ending in Entwined with You. And after 4 years, the another series still not coming out. I already asked her about that in facebook and she replied it. I understand her reason but I still upset.
  8. Â Agree with you. I think it's better for production house to choose someone who hasn't already famous before. Any actor and actress should have a chemistry for each other and not be burdened by their public image. Maybe Cavill before Man of Steele can become Gideon but now I don't think so. His payment is too high (IMDB stated US$ 14 million) and he already become the A-list. Moreover, we still don't know how much budget that Lionsgate provided for Crossfire Series. Just hope they don't cancel it like what happens in The Bronze Horseman (although The Bronze Horseman not developed by Lionsgate).
  9. Honestly, I don't know why people so disappointed about Charlie and Dakota. This is just a movie, any actor and actress could be Christian and Anna as long as they can act and blend with their characters. Well, I don't like Fifty Shades of Grey but I don't hate it too. So let's hope the movie not ruin the novel. Â As for Gideon and Eva casting, I think Henry and Scarlett won't be available for this. This is a tv series and the budget isn't high as movie. Any actor and actress who will become Gideon and Eva will be fine for me as long as they have a good acting.
  10. Â I bet this forum will be hectic whether when snippets for incoming Crossfire or any news about Crossfire. Â Â Â Thanks because English isn't my native language.
  11. Â It is okay for me, anybody who will become Gideon and Eva and also all supporting characters as long as they can give a "life" to any characters they play. Sorry for my bad english.
  12. Â Hmmm, I always thought Matt Bomer is the only Christian Grey. Liam has a look of good person and not mysterious at all.
  13. Â I don't think Liam Hemsworth can be Gideon because he doesn't have "dark and dangerous" appearance. Also his eyes is kind of usual not unique if you know what I mean. But Amber Heard absolutely can be Eva. I always picture Amber as Eva not Scarlet Johannson. Just my opinion.Â
  14. I know everybody has pictured Henry Cavill as Gideon. But I think this man can be Gideon too. Â
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