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  1. Yes, that is why she always has low self esteem and that is where Gideon helps her to overcome her issues...
  2. I want to know what happened to Gideon's abuser!!
  3. I want to know what happened to Gideon's abuser!!!
  4. Hi Sylvia! I can't believe you still have the time to read our crazy posts! Gideon..hmm..it's a name I had a hard time getting into, but it certainly grows on you. I can't picture him as anything BUT a Gideon now, tho in the beginning I didn't like it. i liked Alistair in 7 years...am reading The Stranger I married now. Your other books are SO different from the Crossfire series, what made you change tack?
  5. OmG! I don't want the book to go there!
  6. I think Snippet#4 picks up from here. Any thoughts?
  7. Anyone here ever watched the tv series Gideon's Crossing? Think This has anything to do with the choice of name in Sylvia's books? (!I hv never seen the series, bit a friend,pointed this out)
  8. Not easy. This is something we all hope never to have to go through
  9. Maybe in book 6! Would be fun just to see how he handles his teenaged sister! Maybe it will be through her that Eva brings him closer to his mum..
  10. Me too. Which is why I think he killed him. Since he cannot be thrown to jail cos it would blow up in everyone 's faces and Stanton anfd Monica etc all dont want this. (But Gideon is less shallow ..remember when Eva said she didnt want it to "embarass" him.. And his reaction to that comment?)
  11. I am going with this scenario: Gideon killed Nathan (Angus is the only person who knows) cos that is the ONLY way, in his mind, justice is served (remember he supports causes for abuse victims as well, way before he met Eva so he'd already felt strongly for this). He is smart enough NOT to fall for the detective's bait (of dropping the case) so they continue to lie low. Victor finds out the whole story and advises Gideon of A loophole in the system and how to get out of it. Gideon becomes a good friend of Victors which makes Eva happy!
  12. Darn, just checked it out at Goodreads and the cover is a letdown. But it says it is Book Two of the Tempting Seals series?
  13. Ok Noted. Will look it up. Dangerous Games, Lora Leigh. Must say I DID pick up Seven Years and The Stranger I married by Sylvia Day to try deflect the obsession but they didnt really do it for me...ALSO, Im afraid I'm a "graphic" person and the cover of a book means a lot to me. Like Sylvia said somewhere that the original Bared to You cover was changed, when I checked it out, I KNOW I would never have picked that one up had the publisher stayed with the cover. So I hope Lora Leigh has good covers...
  14. I think snippet #4 is the bit that fits in the ending of Reflected?
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