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  1. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned since its been awhile since I've been here but you need to read the third book "Worth the Fight Book 3. Its Luke's POV
  2. Been away for awhile an just getting back to catching up with everything. Seems we all pretty much love the same books. I am in love with the Gabriel series. May I add a couple to the list Billionaire Bachelor Series - Melody Ann (There are 7 books in the series follows two families and how each child ends up married) Across Eternity - Aris Whittier I borrowed this book from a friend and after reading it I bought it so I could have it in my library. Make sure you have tissues for the end. Looking forward to reading some of the suggested books. Thanks GiGi for compiling the list.
  3. The third book has a December release date. I really liked the first two.
  4. this is something I have been thinking about, sorry if its been discussed before. In light of Eva finding out that she has been bugged and tracked by Clancy what happened the night she went to the apartment after her talk with Graves. Gideon admitted that he moved into the apartment next door so that he could get to her quickly if need be. Therefore he would be spending more time there than at the penthouse. Clancy told her he turned off the receiver after confirmation that Nathan was dead. So my question is this, how did Gideon know to go to the penthouse that night when he found her sitti
  5. I am not sure if they had anything to do with this. Remember that Gideon said that he was given a get out of jail card and then again said that Raul was back looking into the situation because e wanted to know more before someone came to him for a favor to repay what they did. Does it make any sense then that Angus or Clancy to be the ones involved?
  6. Been away for awhile so sorry f this sounds repetitive. I think that they will do the traditional society wedding hat everyone expects and that the ceremony on the beach will stay private. They already vowed to each other their most intimate thoughts and they will stay secret. This second wedding is to appease Monica (to plan the wedding she thinks Eva wants) and Victor (the chancw to give away his only daughter)
  7. If I remember correctly wasn't Gideon going to take Ireland to dinner also that night until he had to go take care of why Corrine kept calling everyone and heir uncle looking for Gideon.
  8. I like this plan won't be able to get back on until Noon so I am sure I will have a lot of reading to do to catch up from 9AM Looking forward to it since it is a dreary day here
  9. OMG! I am reading on my tablet and scroll down to each post. So as I scroll down I start with the eyes and work my way to the whole picture. Good Morning to me.....
  10. I agree with the snapshots, I looked at each snapshot before I read the chapter. Friday cant get here fast enough
  11. Planned to wake up to Gideon, B&N downloaded the book to my account but wont drop into my library, says still processing. Guess who is getting a phone call when I get into the office. Can you say FUSTRATED!! This is not how I planned on spending my morning.
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