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  1. I loved the storyline in CBY but hated the male narrator. I have listened to the whole series narrated by Jill and changing it to a man (especially every other chapter) really confused my senses. It's just not Gideon or Eva or anybody elses voice.
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    Will EWY also be available in audiobook through iTunes on June 4th? Â
  3. Yes she does. Holy hotness!   Â
  4. Does anybody listen to BTY/RIY on audio book? I originally got them to keep me occupied at the gym. However, I am so hooked that I keep my ear buds in every second of the day that I can. I have even learned to work and listen at the same time! Jill Redfield has the most fantastic voice, not only as Eva, but as Gideon and every other character. That's SO rare in an audio book for someone to pull that off.  I have lost track of how many times I have listened to both books. I absolutely cannot wait for EWY.  As a warning to anyone who has the books, transitioning to audio book may not work for you. My girlfriend has the books and when I let her listen to it on my IPod, she didn't like it. She said she had the sound of their voices in her head that she created as she read, and the voice she was hearing was not it. Oh well!!!  If I was gay or a guy, I would want to marry her just so I could listen to her voice every day. HAHA
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