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  1. Maya banks Rush book has scene that made mad! Gideon or Christian would not do that. Not romantic.
  2. Pamela Ann chasing series and torn series are pretty good.
  3. I had a love hate for fsof Gideon would never speak to Eva the way Christian spoke to Ana. Ana was an annoying character. What ever issue Gideon has with brunettes I hope it's NOT like fsof
  4. Loved the interview but she didn't mention nathan or fans reaction to Gideon being a criminal.
  5. What about monicas idea of not saying I love you until wedding night? I honestly can't stand her! That woman is delusional. I wonder if she is trully happy.
  6. Do you think Gideon had to turn in his passport? Flight risk.
  7. Ok I was way off. I'm so paranoid about Gideon being a murder that I thought it was orange jump suit. Lol! Don't even know if that's what inmates wear. I jut don't want to see a hand cuffs in any snap shots.
  8. Gideon kind of lost me in his need for control. In limo he tell Eva he wants to do it again so obviously it wasn't too bad. Then he tells Eva that she can top him again issue wants to. So what's his problem? He wants control but doesn't mind when Eva is in control. Why foes he say that's the problem when he give Eva the ring?
  9. Yeah when I read the book I called he Eeeeva like Eva Mendez. I know an Ava and she writes it with an A.
  10. Who actually gets acquainted with current boyfriends ex fiancé?! Maybe say hi and keep distance. There was no need to eat dinner in same table! This scene makes me so mad that I go to RIY and read part when Eva kisses brett. Take that Gideon!!!!
  11. Lol! Yeah I can't stand her. I don't like the way she was introduced to eva. I don't like that she sat next to Gideon at that dinner while ignoring Eva. I don't care how civilized they are. I wouldn't be sitting at the same table with my boyfriend and his ex fiancé!
  12. So no public outings? Eva can't flaunt Gideon to all those catty B words! I don't like that they have to hide. I honestly hope SY doesn't make us wait to long for next book.
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