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  1. Well now we know why Gideon has a brunette fetish!
  2. Hi ladies. Just a drop in to say hello. Been a long time.
  3. Hey girls. Good to be back. Love the new decor! Things look to be warming up. We need our engines revved up for the big day. :)
  4. There's light at the end of the tunnel! Happy dance!!!
  5. Hi Sheena I always think its good to go over old postings. We covered so much ground. Yes there are a lot, but they do make interesting reading. Plus we always added a little humour for good measure, and the odd picture of Henry. I have referred back to them myself on occasions. I would have to say we probably covered every avenue in those postings. But I would suggest a cup of coffee before you start ladies. :)
  6. Hiya. I noticed on amazon that they published a date of 8th may 2014 for the release date. I mentioned it to Sheena. She asked Sylvia who said it was wrong. Next day the book had been removed. Someone screwed up on amazon UK. I nearly died when I saw that date! I was like noooooooooo! Am breathing again now. Phew! But I didn't write it on here.
  7. I'm in agreement Sharon. It also takes the heat off Monica and Stanton. But overall Gideon is the main person to benefit.
  8. I agree Fluffy. What happened in the windward islands stays in the windward islands. It made it intimate for just the two of them. And Angus. Bless him
  9. Anything for Sylvia. Gideon and Eva can afford it Fluffy. Lol
  10. Ireland knows. She was there when the cops came to talk about Nathan.she could have innocently let it slip to Chris jnr.
  11. He is a little boy just wanting his mother to love him. Simple as that. If she had done her job properly in the first place giving him unconditional love, he would be in a better place now.
  12. We all think Angus had some input in helping Gideon. I'm hoping when Gideon reveals all Angus gets credit in the book. His loyalty to Gideon is overwhelming.
  13. Â Â Ladies, I would like Angus to be present at this meeting, and given freedom of speech by Gideon. Go Angus!
  14. His mother basically cut him adrift. Abandoned him, didn't protect him or believe him. Too wrapped up in her own world to see what was happening to her poor defenceless child. At least Monica believed Eva, and acted on it.
  15. Your right. I think we are going to see a very broken Gideon. I hope she can live with the quilt.
  16. we thought the same Barbara She never helped him period!
  17. When did he go to his mother for help? As a child he told her about his abuse, and she didn't believe him. Why would he trust her ever again. She is partly responsible for his demons.
  18. Have you ladies gone through the old posts. We had some very intense discussions about these topics. They make interesting reads. Just a thought. :)
  19. What will it take for her to see the truth then?
  20. Loving it. We didn't see Deanna coming, or sextape gate. Who knows.
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