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  1. Yes that confused me also. Does that mean when Eva discovers Corinne in Gideon's office it is actually their second run-in of the day? Did Corinne go to see Gideon because of an earlier conversation with Eva? I understood that Eva wants Monica's advice on how to deal with Corrine. Corrine is a problem, and Eva wants to "solve" it. So, during lunch, Eva will have the chance to ask Monica how to deal with a woman who is trying to meddle into her marriage (throwing herself at her husband). I'm sure Monica has some experience with that, considering that she has married rich/handsome men, and will be able to help her. I don't think Eva will go to see Corrine before work, but later in the book she's going to do something to ged rid of her once and for all.
  2. It's explained in book 3...  I don't know how much to tell you, or let you figure it all out by yourself reading the next book. lol
  3. Guys,  A book blogger (@natashabkjunkie) posted thisphoto of a poster she saw yesterday at a movie theatre in the US:  Are we imagining this?? ??? — NatashaisaBookJunkie (@natashabkjunkie)  Ahhhh!!!! I'm so excited!!  I hope this means they're in advanced stages of production.  And another question: wasn't Crossfire supposed to be a TV series? In the US, do they put posters of TV series in movie theatres?
  4.  He told Eva in EWY that he took women to his hotel twice a week, but most times he just got them off, not f****** them. And he told Eva in BTY, when they'd been dating for two weeks, that he'd had more sex with her on that time than he'd had the previous two years:  EWY: “Dr. Petersen asked about sexual encounters, Eva,†he said flatly, “which isn’t necessarily f**king, as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t think that distinction would be appreciated when answering the question. So let me be clear: I took women to the hotel, but I didn’t always nail them. It was the exception when I did.† BTY: "He was shaking his head as I ogled his divinely perfect torso and lean hips. "I've had as much sex since I met you as I've had in the last two years combined."
  5.  Christine asks her if Gideon chose Waters Field & Leaman for the Kingsman Vodka campaign because of his relationship with Eva, that works there. Christine thinks GidEva already had a relationship at that moment, becuse the Kingsman campaign had only been 3 months before and usually people date for more than 3 months before they get engaged, so, if they got engaged now, it would mean that they had been together for a long time.  The point is, Eva and Gideon weren't at a relationship at that point, in fact, they had jus met for the first time. So Eva winces thinking: everybody is going to assume we've been together for a long time, but that's not the truth, so if I tell her I wasn't even in a relationship with him at the time of the Kingsman Vodka campaign, she's going to know we've been together for less than 3 months, and everyone is going to start speculating about it, like is there a baby on the way? isn't it too soon? is the relationship serious? etc.
  6. After reading it a thousand times, I have one imediate question: How will all those issues be solved in only one book???  - Anne Lucas: In CBY, Anne directly threatened Eva. She hasn't done anything serious yet (except - maybe - show up at her building), but I believe in the next book she is going to "up" her game and try something more drastic. Problemas ahead. This is probably one of the main points of the next book, because it'll show Anne upping her game, and then our couple doing something to stop her.  - Elizabeth: Although I don't believe that Gideon's relationship with his mother will be completely healed after OWY (even if the book covers a couple of months instead of only a couple of weeks), I think OWY can show us a serious "hard" discussion between the two of them that will indicate that things are going to change for better.  -Corrine's book: Is it going to be published? If it is, that's going to hurt Eva a lot, and, to extension, Gideon. (some people were asking how she managed to write a book in so little time, but the "book" is actually her diary she kept from the time she dated Gideon, so it was already written. What I found hard to believe is how the book managed to be published in less than two weeks. Penguin needs to learn how do to that rs);  - Christopher Jr.: Not only he hates Gideon on a "personal" level, but now he's also plotting against him professionally (wanting to tell the board members that Gideon's decisions are wrong). That hatred is complicated, because it exists since they were kids (but apparently the reason is just jealousy, which is stupid), and I don't see it being solved in two or three weeks (time that the books usually cover).  - Cary: We don't know if Tatiana is really pregnant or if the baby is Cary's. That being said, I don't think Cary is going to abandon her even if it isn't his. So Trey needs to figure out if he can part of that situation, and Cary also needs to figure out if he'll let him be (because Cary's behavior is a lot of times selfdestructive, he may not even let Trey be with him).  - Monica and Victor: I'd like to know if there's an specific reason why Monica needs to be with a wealthy man. And I'd like to see how they are going to act around each other after having sex in EWY.  Those are only some situations, because there are many other smaller issues that could be covered by the fifth book, like the charitable work Eva wants to do, Arnoldo's dislike of her, ect. There's enough plot for more 1000 pages.  Edit: and the wedding, and an epilogue, and and...Â
  7. Â Gigi, Lifehouse is the band, and the song is called "Hanging by a Moment". The music video is posted on page 13 of this thread.
  8. About the birthday, Sylvia said on the video that Gideon is a virgo (23 August – 23 September), and a passage from chapter 19 of CBY reads: "We agreed that he would begin in October, giving Waters Field  Leaman nearly a month's notice." From that, I understand the book ends in the beginning of September. Therefore, Gideon's birthday could be during book 5. If it had been during CBY, I think somebody would have mentioned it.
  9. So how are we going to handle the book discussions? Chapter by chapter?
  10. Ladies,  I have to disagree with some of your thoughts about Eva. From all we’ve seen on the first 3 books, Eva always says what she’s thinking, even when it’s hard for her. Remember the email she sent Gideon in RIY when she thought he was distancing himself? That was a powerful one. She loves Gideon madly, crazily, and constantly reassures him of that. And she tells him everything that happens to her or she’s thinking, like her feelings, her dreams, the stuff that happened in her job that day, that she was going out with her friends, that she was going to see Brett, that her parents were in love and had hook up, etc.  On the other side, Gideon doesn’t talk to her much. He doesn’t tell her how his day was, he doesn’t talk about his emotions, he doesn’t talk much about this nightmares, he doesn’t talk about his friends, about his mother. Eva has to ask, almost beg, and even so, he doesn’t offer much information. Remember when he saw Magdalene on the street outside a restaurant, in BTY, and Eva had to find out through gossip sites? When Gideon went to Corrine’s home and Eva had to find out through Christopher? (Imagine if this had been the other way around?)When Gideon talked to Deanna then embarked on a plane to San Diego to solve the sex tape problem and Eva only found out much later? He may think these things don’t matter, and he’s trying to protect her, but the truth is it could’ve all been solved with a single text message. Before she learns the truth, she suffers a lot, and we, reading from her POV (previous books) feel that. We know how he’s crazy about her, but he also closes her off, and she reacts badly to that.  I do believe this is going to be one of the crucial points of CBY: Gideon learning to tell Eva stuff, to lean on her, from the big to the small things. They can’t only talk about the deep stuff, they have to share the superficial too.  That being said, as I mentioned yesterday, from the previous books, I hadn’t thought that Eva’s feelings for Brett were anything more than simple l*u*s*t, and, therefore, easy to be ignored when he wasn’t in front of her. I didn’t think – and still don’t think – there are any real feelings there. But, apparently, she needs closure. And Gideon also needs to close Corrine, because that woman is not going to stop. Both of them (Eva and Brett, Gideon and Corrine) should have serious conversations about how those relationships hurt their main relationship (Eva and Gideon), so they can’t even be friends.  I feel like many times we, readers, mostly women, tend to like the male character, even with his flaws (maybe because of their flaws?), and to disregard the females characters. We want her to be perfect, but in the best books, she has flaws, because that’s how people are. I believe Eva is a bright light in the world of female characters in books (and in media, broadly speaking) because she is positive, focused, but she also has learnt how to deal with her problems, isn’t afraid to talk about them, and to look for a solution.  Edit: Wow. Reading that now, it's a big text.
  11. About the swing, I'm glad it's "only" being used in the 17th ou 18th chapters, because ir means that Gideon and Eva are in a good place in their relationship by the - almost - end of the book. That they're not fighting, etc. As there's aother book after CBY, there was always the possibility that they could be on the outs by the end of this one, and only reconciling in the last one, but the image of the swing gives me hope it won't be like that.   There are probably 20. There'll probably be another #TeaserTuesday, next Tuesday, the 18th, the same day as the release. With EWY, the last snapshot was revealed the day of the release.    I think it's because these teasers are abstract, not all of them are to be taken literaly. For example, the one that shows two fighters inside a ring, I think it just means that two people are going to fight, not that it's going to happen inside a ring or between two professional fighters. As some members had guessed here, the photo for chapter 3 was a reference to the Monopoly game board and what Eva said in BTY and in CBY: “One day soon,†I repeated against his lips, “I’m going to kneel beneath this desk and suck you off. Maybe while you’re on the phone playing with your millions like Monopoly. You, Mr. Cross, will pass Go and collect your two hundred dollars." and "I’ll find something to occupy myself with while you’re on the phone playing with your millions"
  12. Â I think it was definitely Anne at the dinner. Using a wig shows premeditation... That's really scary. She probably even knew who Cary was before she approached him. In the moment, I think she's a biggest threat to Eva, because she wants to take her out of the picture so, that way, in her mind, she can be wth Gideon. Â About the lack of description of Nathan, I believe it's because Eva (and now Gideon) only describes the characters with whom she is interacting, in that moment, or at least that are an active presence in her life (and, in Anne's case, a character she saw in a picture, and was describing to the reader). And Nathan never interacted with her on the present time, so all references to him were just that, references to another moment ou to the past.
  13. I loved that we're going to get POVs from both Gideon and Eva. That allows us to read parts of the history that we hadn't had previous access to (stuff that happens to Gideon and we only heard about it later when he told Eva). I want to read his POV during the all-boys (my guess) party at Arash's. I want to see how he relates to his friends, and what he tells them about Eva.  This book is going to be more difficult to read than the 3rd one (kinda like the 2nd one). When Gideon's issues really arrive to the table, they're going to fight, because Gideon prefers to repress it, pretend it's not hapenning (or that he can deal with it inside his head, on hiw own), while Eva likes to talk and disscuss everything. She wants to help him, and he thinks he doesn't need help.  I think Eva is the stable one right now, and I love that she's being positive when she could stay mad (like in the apartment, in the car, in the office, etc). However, I think she's putting too much emphasis on what she may or may not feel about Brett. In the previous books, I hadn't felt that her feelings could be anything more than simple , therefore easy to ignore when he wasn't around. But at least she's not afraid to identify and try to "fix" her issues. She's probably going to talk about it with Dr. Travis.  What do you guys think?
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