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  1. . Hi georgette captivated by you is coming out on 18/112014 it is on Sylvia's website
  2. hi Kirsten when I woke up this morning and found this on this websit sit I at to ply to it I did say I would never come on her again which is true but I at to ply to this last message I DID NOT CALL SYLVIA A HO if you read it right it say I will no longer visit this websit or look out for your books there should have been a full stop in there then it should of HO AND BY THE WAY I get what I write checked and so on so DON!T accuse me of saying something when I never did I would never call anyone a HO it is not nice and it is a horrible thing to say to anybody do I make my self clear I have enough of people saying I am not nice when not one of you know me
  3. hi kirsten i understand this is sylvia.s websit i was NOT being abrasive i get my messages checked by my boyfriend and he is a law man i don,t care about weather or not the book comes out any more i am done waiting you did not see the horrible messages she sent me i go by what my boyfriend say and he says i was NOT abrasive i was just asking a questions and pointing out a factÂ
  4. Hi sylvia. I am just asking a question if you can,t take what I have writen then don,t say something you can,t keep because you are getting peoples hopes up and that is wrong I have never been abrasive or accusatory or demanding your the one who says there should be date within weeks or it should not take long not me your the one being abrasive and accusatory you are writing nasty thing to me it is really beginning to me off I will no longer visit this websit or look out for your books ho and by the way I get what I write checked so no one can say I am being horrible when I am not
  5. hi sylvia have you finished the 5 book or how far are you into the book it has been 11 months since entwined with you and you said it would not take as long for the book to come out why is it taking so long to come out you said on the 13th of march we would  get a date in 3/4 week now it is the 3rd of may and still no date .what is going onÂ
  6. hi seksagan has sylvia told me in a message the book will come when it comes out now it that anyway to be towards your fan i don,t think so i have given up waiting and so has alot of her other fan can,t blame them it has been 11 months on 4 may which is stupid amount of time to wait but then again i have waited 7 years since the last book of the dream guardians has come out and their is a third to come so it say on sylvias websit  this is really badÂ
  7. Hi sylvia you got your saying but my mum told me is better to be told bad new to my face than say it behind my back and I would prefer that because it would make me angry that why I told you sorry if see anything bad about you I will keep it to my self but we have waited long enough for this book and I know that you are waiting to finish the 5th book to bring captivated outs but how long does it take to write a book you said 4to6 weeks am I right or wrong and I know you do other thing besides writing
  8. hi sylvia I am NOT bullying you I have never bullied anyone in my life so don,t say I have done such a thing I take that badly I just wrote that as you have the right to know what people are saying I have read all of the in death series ,karin tabkes books twice over what you wrote hurt me badly I suffer with deep depression and this did not help me .i have showed what I wrote to you to some of my friends and they say your bang of of order for what you wrote back as I was not saying it to you other people were don,t worry I will not be writing another post on here again and you have lost five more fans
  9. hi sylvia I am very sorry to say this but I have read thousands of lady's reviews on when the date of captivated by you will be out and they are NOT very happy with you they wish they never brought the crossfire series and they are giving up hope for a date on your last two books and going to other books if captivated is finished your publisher should release it or you will lose a lot of your fans they say they are sick and tired of waiting nearly a year is to much time to wait and I can agree with them I am just writing what the lady's on the websit are saying and you have a right to know
  10. hi sylvia thank you for getting back to me how far are you away from finishing it .so it will not be out in May then more like June ,July mark
  11. Hi sylvia thank you for the snippet but what we really won't is the book have you finished 4&5books yet if you have I think your publisher needs a push there are thousands of lady wanting this book we don,t blame you at all but your publisher how long does it take to release a date it is unreal .love the snippets so far but won't the book love the stranger I married ,pride and pleasure ,seven years to sin,heat of the night,pleasure of the night ,afterburn,aftershock ,great book but we won't captivated by you and the 5th one hope we get it before the end of May
  12. Hi sylvia is the last two books of the crossfire finished yet
  13. hi sylvia pleases tell us the book will be out very soon like May or June
  14. Hi lady's I just went on to amazon and I put in captivated by you in and it came up with no picture and I date that the book was coming out In 27 august 2014 i nearly fell of my chair
  16. Hi sylvia please could you tell the reason that captivated by you is not out because you are waiting for the last book to be finished then you will have a date as you won't to bring the books out close together if this is true have you nearly finished the last book us lady's have been Waiting 9 months now and you said in the interview you gave a book take 4/6 weeks to write I have read all the in death series which was fab and roarke reminds me of Gideon look forward to hearing from you
  17. . Hi sylvia I think you should change your publisher I love aftershock I think you are a great writer but please change your publisher
  18. Yes that's what she said unless she changes her mind again I am getting so pi....ed of now waiting for so long
  19. Hi all sylvia said 3/4weeks I am so fed up with her saying the next book out will captivated by you then aftershock comes out .i have read the in death series by JD Robb fab books to read on book 36
  20. Hi sylvia just looked at your webpage and it said coming soon This is current authoritative word on these upcoming books captivated by you,aftershock ,a lush kiss,stripped down,a taste of seduction so is these books in the wright order and on your fb page it said next book out is captivated by you but i T is not
  21. Hi sylvia is captivated by you was coming out before aftershock as you said it was the next book to come out and it is only 5 day to go until aftershock comes out
  22. Hi lady's here is some of what was said on ktbooksview.blogspot.com by Sylvia day Usually the publisher and author will negotiate for new book as soon as the last book in the contract is turned in so the pre orders can Go up and thing can keep rolling forward that didn't,t happen with crossfire .thats why you don,t see pre orders up for 4&5 The delay was due in part to how contentious thing go when the release date of entwined with you was moved to June something I didn,t won't and fought strenuously .it was horrible decision made by the publisher and we all can see the affects of that now a lot of the readers assumed the date moved was my decision and it absolutely was not I hated it and knew it was going to set the wrong tone For readers(I also have no say in the pricing although I agree all the time for lower point for digital I,m a digital reader to I understand) I,m now at this late date working on finalizing the publication of 4&5 does that mean book are ages away ? NO Everyone wants to wrap up the series (including me) as soon as possible and I expect well have a firm date for the publication that can share within the next two weeks or so that was dated on the 1st jan 2014 I hope this help some of you
  23. Hi lady's if you won't information on the last two crossfire book go on to www.ktbookreveiw.blogspot.com let me know what you think
  24. Hi sylvia is it true that the last two book are coming out together that why we have waited so long if it is true that will be fab and it is coming out in February I look forward to reading them
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