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  1. I love all the comments, yet Gideon did tell Eva about the wedding photos to go to Devious D. I think Brett knows about the tape....he mentioned to Eva that he remembers what she felt like while inside her. As far add the mob goes i believe that had to do with either Clancy or Angus. We don't know anything about Angus or his background but Gideon father was playing hard ball with some people thus the reason her killed himself, not just because he swindled a lit of money from people. When Monica was young i believe her parents lost a lit of money which put her in negative after her and dad got together. On marriage number 2 Eva moved with her dad SD if my first theory I'd wrong her had her doing some bad things.....they never talk about him. Those r my thoughts lol. I love the pie idea can i goin
  2. Ok this is crazy and I'm so hurt that I, G Milsaps have to wait again, on book 4 My sweet sweet lady I beg u tell me when book 4 and 5 will b released. It took me 2days to finish this book, please tell me and the rest of ur fans. P.S. I would love to see this as a movie
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