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  1. I haven't been here in ages.  I think I have said all I can say about CBY.  so, I see we still have no release date for OWY.  Annoying. But I loved that we knew nothing about GREY  and it appeared out of nowhere and fast.  Loved it and read it.But I was annoyed that it really was just book 1. Problem here is that we know a book is coming.  I really had no idea GREY was really coming out.  Sigh.  I really thought the release was soon when SD started putting dream castings on fb.  Oh well.
  2. Read the Fixed Trilogy also. It was ok. Liked the follow-up Hudson. Book from the man's POV. Thought it was better written. Ava in This Man is very annoying in the beginning of book 1. She is also very funny. Laugh out loud funny. She and Jesse are. The writing is so good. The subject different. Again, a 24 year old. As I said about Eva, we have to remember what it's like to be that young. Reacting on emotion instead of sense. I find a lot of the female lead characters in romance novels are like that. Honestly, the only time I felt Eva was acting ridiculous was running out on G at the end of CBY. Losing her temper is part of who Eva is.
  3. Haven't posted in a while, but have a few comments. Welcome to new people first. Love different opinions. I stopped reading reviews. To give a book 1 star cause we waited long is silly. Some authors write faster than others. I wasn't happy we waited so long, but that doesn't mean the book is bad. This is a good book. My only complaint was Eva running at the end for a reason I didn't think was worthy of her running. She had moved past that stuff I thought. Mrs. X--I adored the This Man series. Love it. Jesse is too much. Have you read the new series? Very good. Not as good as TM but very good.
  4. Getting info about anyone is no biggie for a PI.  Gideon didn't  need to use Crossfire info.  Eva should have known that.  If that ring was as big as I envision, Monica would have had to be blind not to see it.  For God sake, what else could it have been? Should Eva have called her?  Sure, but there was drama and she didn't get around to it.  Lizzie figured it out.  Geez.  Love Arash.   And I totally agree with you about Mark.  Again, he is a lower level guy.  Gideon is a big deal and could request anyone.  That agency would have loved to have his business under any circumstance.   As I always say, I constantly forget Eva is only 24.  I knew nothing when I was 24 so she is way ahead of me.  LOL
  5. I have always thought it curious that Brett decided to write Golden at that point. All of a sudden he decides he loves. her? Could it be possible he heard about the connection with G and Vidal records ? What great PR! Any name could be worked into the song. Could it be Brett approached Chris Jr. about it? I never trusted Brett at all. With the Internet you can find almost anyone. If you love someone you don't wait 4 years. Fishy to me.
  6. Hi Gigi-- To answer your question. In the United States there are options. Most psychiatrists do not take health insurance. There are some that do but most who are known to be at the top of their profession, do not. My husband goes to a top psychiatrist and he made it clear that he does not take insurance. The reason is that insurance companies pay very little to the doctors. Something like $50 an hour. Top psychiatrists charge at least $150-$400 an hour. My daughter is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She charges $80 an hour which is really not bad. Insurance companies only want to pay her $40 an hour. That is not worth her time.I hope this answers your question.
  7. Yep. Totally agree. God forbid Anne was his therapist. Assuming that was sarcasm. Ugh. I have no idea if G used a swing before. Fantasies are usually what you haven't done and want to do. For G, se* with Eva is a whole new experience since he loves her. I want to think he's being creative. I can envision using the swing for kinky stuff involving toys. Don't think intercourse was involved based on what G has said.
  8. I think Cary and Eva came to NY together to support each other emotionally. This series doesn't cover a long span of time. Honestly, the way real estate is right now in that city, no one can live without a roommate unless they make a ton of money. Neither Eva or Cary could live alone without Stanton's help. Certainly not on the upper west side. (My brother lives right near where their apartment is supposed to be and a 2 bedroom rents for well over $7000 a month.). Cary living in the adjoining apartment isn't a problem for me. What is a problem is I see Cary sliding backwards emotionally. He needs a therapist in NY and fast.
  9. G and se*---I think he was so angry with Lizzie that he chose women who looked like her and did all kinds of kinky stuff to them. Â Hence all the se* toys Eva found in the f*ck pad. Â It was never about getting off for him. Â He did that for himself in the shower cause he saw it as dirty. Â We all know why. Â I can see him accepting oral se*, which I am certain he did, but I absolutely do not think he did a whole lot of giving in that department. Â That's pretty intimate and he was not about intimacy at all. Â It was about rough and punishment. Â I think this all started after he broke up with Corrine. Â I agree their life was pretty vanilla. Â It was a relationship. Â He didn't ever envision another relationship after her. Â So, into the kink. Â As for the book, I do not think Corrine has any kinky stuff that she would talk about. Â She wants G back.. That sure would never happen if he was totally embarrassed by that book. Â The purpose, according to her, was to get Eva out of G's life by reminding him about how great and calm and easy their life was together and contrast it with how chaotic G and E's life is now. Â Release date--I am never going to speculate. Â I was so sure CBY was going to be out by the summer and we see how wrong I was. Â This time, I have no clue. Â Timing it with the FSOG movie? Â Not a bad idea since Sylvia is often said to be the next most popular author after EL James. Â I just want it. Â Now. Â Â I don't see LIzzie as a threat at all. Â I hope that the theories about Graves are true cause I like her and I want to continue to like her. Â It would be interesting if she and Eva shared the abuse survival. Â Invited to the wedding has always surprised me. Â Why would she be? Â That sentence made me suspect of her. Â It would be cool if these 2 became friends. Â There is enough reasonable doubt with Nathan that I find it impossible for G to be indicted let alone convicted of anything unless Nathan had a camera in his room which I doubt. Â Graves being an abuse surviver makes a whole lot of sense. Â I hope that is the way it will go. Â Deanna is sleezy. Â I was so surprised in AFTERSHOCK when she was not like she was in Crossfire. Â I want her handled and end of. Â As for the redheads--could it be that Hugh was a red head? Â I cannot remember. Â Â Chris Jr being a voyeur? He is so creepy on so many levels that it wouldn't surprise me. Â I.do.not.like,or trust. him at all. Â I still think Anne is the scariest person in this whole mess. Â Here is something else that I wonder about. Â Sylvia never said that the TV thing was on hold in the interview we saw. Â It sounded to me like it was being worked on. Â God, I hope so. Â Anyone else? Â She still mentioned Henry and Scarlett. Â I think the chances of Henry are slim to none. Â That man is busy. Â He will always be G to me.
  10. Lighthouse--thanks for the NYTimes info. And Goodreads. CBY is a wonderful book. I said before that I don't think Tat is pregnant. She is just too selfish. If she is, she won't have it. She loves her body too much. I have no doubt she's promiscuous. She's a b****. Plain and simple. The whole Vidal family situation is weird. Ireland is a sweetheart so Lizzie did a good job with her. Chris Jr. is so consumed with jealousy that it is an acid eating him away. Lizzie doesn't scare me anymore. The 3 people who I think are the scariest are Anne, Deanna, and Graves. Different reasons. Anne is the scariest because she is a psychopathic mess. I wish I knew the story of Graves. There is one. If the case is shelved and G is safe, why does Sylvia keep Graves in the story? As for Deanna, I don't for 1 second think she is handled.
  11. I am sure Cary knows all about Anne simply because he did do the research that Eva asked him to do. One of the first things that you read is about someone's personal life and he would have to know that Lucas was married to Anne and what she did for a living. I think she wore the wig to try to be in disguise. As for the tape I would not be surprised if there was another one somewhere.
  12. I had a student whose dad was black and she had dirty blond hair and blue eyes. It happens. Just like my husbands good friend is 6'2" and his dad was 5'3" and his mom was 4'10".
  13. I think negative reviews are just what some people love to do. When people like a book, they often don't bother to review it. A simple click of stars and that's it. My husband has never written a review. I usually do but not always. I made it a point to with this book. Some people thrive on bashing. You can tell from bad reviews that they never read other Crossfire books or don't get Sylvia's style. Or just love to bash. Not just book reviews. These books are amazing.
  14. I have to keep reminding myself that Eva is 24 and Gideon is 28. He seems 10 years older. She has gone through a lot but she is still young and trying to balance this love/marriage to G and not losing herself. She will get it in book 5. She's just so young. It's hard to remember what it's like to be so new in a relationship. I don't "dislike" her at all. Sometimes she forgets and reacts emotionally. I think that's why her running all the time gets old already. You can't fix something if you are lost in your own head somewhere. And running stuff by Cary is not gonna help. Poor guy has his own mess to deal with. Gotta remind myself also this is fiction. We love these characters so much, we forget that. Lol
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