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  1. I agree. The same thing happened to Eva tramell. She started out as a strong and independent young woman but became Gideon's lapdog as as the story progressed. She quit her Job and became a New York socialite who is married to a billionaire.
  2. I have found the same page count on Amazon.Â
  3. No need for you to worry. Sylvia has assured us multiple times about their happily ever after  https://www.instagram.com/p/2tnwyEiEd3/
  4. I was also glad that Gideon was upfront about the tell all book and that he puts Eva's doubts and insecurities to rest. I don't really believe that Gideon "loved " Corrine. He definitely cared about her, but their  relationship seems to have been more based on  friendship and convenience rather than romance, passion and trust.  How can you truly love someone when you can't be yourself around them ?
  5. I can't wait to find out more about Eva's friends in San Diego
  6. Chapter 1 of Captivated by you is coming soon  https://twitter.com/SylDay/status/530752313431166976/photo/1
  7. My second choice for Eva, would be Claire Holt from the Vampire diaries. Â
  8. I totally respect your opinion, but her height is not so problematic,if the actor who plays Gideon is tall enough .Her figure can be dealt with as well ,its hollywood actresses gain and lose weight for roles.She seems to be an Eva kinda girl like you said ,and for me that seems to be way more important than fulfilling each description of the books.Amber heard used to be fuller when she was younger maybe she could regain her weight.
  9. I totally agree with you. Amber is the only one with the bombshell look that I imagined Eva to have. She has an exotic vibe to her and a badass atittude. All the other actresses that were suggested look way too innocent to be Eva Tramell ,a woman who captured the attention of Gideon Cross.
  10.  waiting  is torture I miss them so much
  11.  The teaser were his friend Arash Madani talks  about Eva seems to be suspiciously one sided .They seem to be talking about her as if she is not present with them.Either the scene is from Gideon's point of view or she's eavesdropping.
  12. Both Cary and Arnoldo seem to be very unsupportive of their union
  13. i hope that the waiting will be coming to an end soon
  14. You're probably right, still I think he's taking it too far. I understand that as a close friend of Gideon's he is unsure of Eva's intentions, yet I think he is way too judgemental of someone he barely knows.
  15. I can't help but sense an indirect "there are better women out there for you" in Arnoldo's comment
  16. New Teaser !! https://twitter.com/SylDay/status/481527217952808961/photo/1 Â Gideon is so sweet and Arnoldo is starting to annoy me ahh !!
  17.  Hi, I'm new in the Forum but I have been a huge fan of the series fora long time  now. I agree with you, them not being able to sleep together is heartbreaking
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