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  1. I must agree with you. There was a lot of money and time spent on these books to not have at least a few more story lines wrapped up. I would have been happy not to have any more of the Monica story.  But the story that we did get seemed to be scrambled and not thought out. I mean who married who and who killed who - her parents did what - what happened to he real Monica - what the heck!   The Anne Lucas story - come on now! Why create a new name and all that stuff. If she was practicing under another name you would have thought that Angus or Raul would have found that out. Angus was a British agent - what the heck! I don't mean to bash Sylvia Day's writing style because obviously I don't have her talent.  We all thought of a lot of different endings but none of us saw this coming. I figured that there would be some form of violence and someone would be killed off. But for God's sake - your mother is gunned down and all you do is leave a voice mail for your step father. I could go on but it's pointless. We know that there will be other books with snippets of  these characters and maybe she planned to give some answers then. Â
  2. Eva told him about the miscarriage almost from the start of the relationship. At the same time she told him about the abuse.
  3. It kind of sounds like she trying to dangle a carrot out there for Crossfire fans.   I'm sure she's well aware that some  her fans are a bit unhappy this may be her way to appease them or entice them to buy the new series.  I didn't read the tease and probably won't. Â
  4. I may be missing something! Could someone put in order what happened to Monica in case I'm wrong! Her mother left her. Her twin sister got raped and beaten and drugged by someone named Jackson. Then she married this Jackson person. Then she met Victor and got pregnant. Then Jackson  beat her up - and THEN she killed him. THEN she took the family for a bunch of money to pay for the care of her sister.  WHERE DID THE NAME MONICA COME FROM? Why was she a debutant for her husbands family - none of this adds up to me.  It takes 5 book to write a few months and this is covered in what - a page and a half?
  5. I wish I could trick my Kindle into thinking I was on the east coast! I have to get up at 4:30 Am and I can't read it at midnight!
  6. I do think that the therapist that Gideon had as a child may have been Anne. That would make an interesting story. She could only come out on the short end of the stick if she went public with any abuse.  If nothing else divulging information about a patient would a bad thing for any Dr.Â
  7. Does anyone think Gideon will kick Christopher out of Videl ? Gideon did say that if Christopher wanted a war he would give him one.   How many wars will happen with this book - Ann Lucas, Christopher, Landon?
  8. I think we've talked about this before but I wonder if the turning point in the book may be some form of violence. Sylvia has mentioned guns and bodyguards from the very beginning. So maybe a shooting or someone getting hurt again - kidnapped or ??.  As far as the latest teaser - I wonder if they've been to the house at the outer banks planning the wedding?
  9. I think I'll look the epilogue first and then read the story! I know it's a terrible thing to do but ..... I can't help myself!Â
  10. This is slightly off topic! When you get the book will you start at the beginning and go to the end without looking at what happens or will you read the ending first!  Or read  parts here and there?
  11. Hey Patricia-Ann - I wondered the same thing so many times! Then I figured I must have miss understood the sentence because it was never brought up again. I'm glad I'm not alone.
  12. It sounds to me that Gideon has been plotting something. Maybe a plan to get Ava to work with him - I wonder why he would say she would enjoy the meeting.  Most business meetings aren't "enjoyable".
  13. Here you go! http://www.natashaisabookjunkie.com/2016/02/20/exclusive-excerpt-one-with-you-by-sylvia-day/
  14. We need a new topic to talk about!  How about Cary - what do you think will happen with him? Go out on his own without Eva, settle down with Tat, will she abort the baby or miscarry it, will it be someone else's baby, what about Trey???
  15. You don't suppose that the psychiatrist was a member of Anne's family? Gideon did mention that the entire family were shrinks - I believe the sentence was "the whole f/u lot of them".
  16. Let's start a new topic! Why wouldn't Elizabeth tell Chris about the abuse? Did Elizabeth stop Hugh from seeing Gideon after he told her about the abuse? Why didn't Chris notice that the therapy sessions weren't happening any more?  These subjects were never answered in the books.
  17. I gotta say that I also thought it was a birthday and not the wedding day.  On a brides wedding day they don't have time to enjoy herself. Certainly she would have someone doing her hair, make up, taking pictures etc.Â
  18. Maybe that will be the solution to that story line - the Cross family and the Landon family bury the hatchet for the sake of the children?
  19. I had to do a little research on the "man of honor" but it doesn't seem like a problem so I agree that it will be Cary. Gideon on the other hand is something else.  I've  wondered about this before and I thought it would be between Arash and Arnoldo - Angus never even entered my mind. There's also Chris and Christopher to think about.   I assume that they will both be there but not in the wedding.  Considering how Arnoldo feels about Eva I'll put my dime on Arash as best man. Angus has already been a witness at one wedding!! So this is my guess Eva's man of honor will be Cary; attendant Ireland Gideon's best man Arash, then Arnoldo Remember that the wedding is going to be small and on the beach. So they won't have a huge attendance or members of the wedding party.  So I assumed that the reception will be back in NY?
  20. I thought the same thing - that it made him look like he was having a breakdown or something. But I realized the strength that he showed by telling Dr. Peterson about being abused as a child.  Keeping that to himself had been eating at him for so long that finally telling someone (other than Eva) has a huge step for him. I'm sure that was the start of his healing process,Â
  21. How about a solution with Chris and Christopher. I'd kinda like Chris and Elizabeth back together.Â
  22. I keep hoping! I don't thinK "soon" means the same thing to everybody! But it still says 2015 in the coming soon tab..
  23. Who thinks it will be this YEAR?
  24. “I won’t be back. You’ll have to—”  Come looking for me - and you will look.
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