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  1. Agreed. I was just curious. Would love to have something to be excited about when it comes to Crossfire
  2. PassionFlix did Gabriel’s Inferno. I wonder if they’ll pick up Crossfire. I would prefer a show though so it can give more detail.
  3. Hello everyone! I just finished my annual new year re-read and remembered this site. I wish it was active but I know there’s not much else to say. Every time I re-read the series though I always want someone to talk too. Reading the last two books, especially the fourth (since it’s our first glimpse into Gideon’s mind) is such a treat. It makes me wish SD would pull an EL James an re-write the first book from Gideon’s POV. It would be amazing to read his thoughts during those crucial first few weeks. Miss discussing GidEva! 💗
  4. Well guys, it feels great be back on the site. Wish I came here with a better response than thinking OWY was a little overrated. I wasn't able to read it the night it came out because I was at work so I managed to avoid FB, twitter, this site, everything. I do have a close friend who loves Crossfire like I do who was able to read it on 4/5. She actually told me to not read it. I couldn't believe it. She said it would change some of my perception of GidEva's relationship and Gideon himself so it wasn't worth it. I didn't take her advice and she was somewhat right. Some things we
  5. Christian seemed to not really care about Ana other than sexually and he always puts himself first. I love how Gideon really loves Eva inside and out and has her on his mind with his decisions. I also hate that Ana was always letting Christian railroad her. She never spoke up for herself.Â
  6. makes sense that would be about Christopher. i always assumed that meant women using him for his looks and money/status.Â
  7. In RIY towards the end of the book  (Ch 17) when Eva confronts Gideons mother at that private club with the big band. Elizabeth says "I'm Christopher's mother, too, and he was there. He swears nothing happened. Who was I supposed to believe with no proof." That means Christopher Jr knows what Gideon says happened and either lied to parents, really didn't know, or was scared to say anything.Â
  8. There's a big chance Christopher was also abused. He was a young boy in the same house.Â
  9. I also want more on Gideons brother Christopher. Even though Gideons theory that he doesn't like Gideon because of all the attention Gideon got as a child, I still feel there is more to that story.Â
  10. I really don't think Chris knew either. Gideon must've heard them fighting about something else. I would like to know what it was though.Â
  11. In the US we have an engagement ring then a wedding band that you receive on your wedding day. Eva is wearing an engagement ring as kind of both right now.Â
  12. Maybe Chris was so wrapped in work that he may have never noticed the sessions stopped. Elizabeth probably didn't tell Chris because she was scared of furthering messing up the "perfect life" she portrayed or maybe she thought it could be swept under the rug. I hope OWY answers some of this. Gideon needs a sit down with his mother.Â
  13. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
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