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  1. I thought it was brain damage not brain dead, my apologies. Â Im stretching here
  2. It sure did feel like a prelude... Monica now has a twin sister, who has not been seen in years.  Anything can happen on a TV series.
  3. I feel a bit unsatisfied with this last book. I needed more content for supporting characters. Overall it was good, re-reading now.
  4. D 500, I absolutely agree with you... I remember Deanna telling Eva that Gideon has a dark side. How would she know that after one encounter that had been interrupted? My guess is Anne Lucas... When Gideon confronted Anne at her office in CBY, he told her she was one among many. He later admitted to himself she was the only one that he had treated so depravely. Deanna did not have that much of an encounter with Gideon to know his dark side.  So yes, I believe Anne and Deanna are definitely scheming together.
  5. Nathalia I have been asking myself that same question; Where is Deanna getting her intel from? I know Gideon feels that she will be satisfied with an exclusive on him and Eva's wedding  photos but I am with Eva on this, she is not to be trusted.  I read Aftershock, Deanna was all about a story and doing other sordid things in the pass to get what she wanted so I can't wait to see how this unfolds. Â
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