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  1. There is so much mystery about Monica and her family. I'd like to see who shows up to the wedding and what secrets they reveal.
  2. I imagine a lot of possibilities. Victor gets hurt so badly he's forced to retire and move to NY where Eva can look after him but it puts him too close to Monica. Richard becomes very ill and learns of Monica's affair. Victor gets rich from accident. Monica gets pregnant. Gideon buys Stanton's company. Anne drugs Gideon and blackmails him with staged photos of them together. Mark learns secrets about the Redhead receptionist. And the murder weapon appears. Can't wait to find out the real ending.
  3. Unless the hotel had somekind of BDSM club or "Special Rooms" with swings, where did Gideon learn about that kind of lifestyle? He comes across thoughout the series knowing all about it, e.g.( safewords, handcuffs, swings ) In BTY, Gideon tells Eva he doesn't do anal play but Anne Lucas reveals in CBY that bondage and anal play was Gideons thing. He tells Anne that hundreds of women know him that way. I'm guessing he's lying to her or is he lying to Eva? I feel that there's too much confusion about Gideons sexual past. Maybe it's because tying up women and flogging them to get off was his thing and until he learned about Eva's past.    Â
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